BCEC Social Change

Volunteering with the Social Change Department through Buckeye Civic Engagement Connection has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my freshman year at The Ohio State University. I have always had a strong passion for social issues and have found it difficult to connect my academics to the real world sometimes. Engaging in the G.E.M. (Grow, Explore, Mentor) program at Trevitt Elementary has taught me to apply what I have learned inside of the classroom to the Columbus community and make a real difference in the lives of others, as well as my own by pushing myself to achieve personal growth and self-awareness. My work with BCEC involves tutoring/mentoring children in grades 3-5 who have scored below average on their standardized state tests. Aside from teaching them how to work with numbers and how to spell, I serve as a positive influence and friend in the lives of children who are underserved. Dedicating two afternoons a week to these children has been rewarding, not only for me personally, but for the students whom I have had the pleasure to watch grow and develop stronger reading and writing abilities, interpersonal communication skills, and confidence.

Ty’iona and Tionne from Trevitt Elementary, two of the students I mentor.

About Me

12079141_911857282196647_1583935602938583653_nAbout Anna Glavas is a first year student at The Ohio State University. She is majoring in political science and international studies, with a minor in Slavic languages as well as Spanish. Anna was born in the United States, but her parents are originally from Bosnia & Herzegovina, therefore making English Anna’s second language. She grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, called Painesville, where she engaged in many activities such as soccer, volunteering for local political campaigns, and working as a pharmacy technician for CVS Pharmacy. In her free time, Anna enjoys reading, listening to music, cooking, and practicing yoga. During her time at Ohio State, she plans to devote herself not only to her studies, but also to getting involved in organizations on campus and making connections with other students in her academic field. Upon finishing her degree, Anna would like to spend a year overseas teaching children English, and then hopefully enrolling in law school.

Year in Review

My freshman year at The Ohio State University was filled with new experiences. From navigating campus, to figuring out college classes, to learning more about myself in the process; I am finishing off the year with a quite different sense of self. At the beginning of the fall semester, I was quite reserved and was not extremely engaged in extracurriculars on and off campus. Today I find myself a member of the International Affairs Leadership Council, an International Affairs mentor, a volunteer with the G.E.M. (Grow, Explore, Mentor) program through Social Change, a C.R.I.S. (Columbus Refugee and Immigration Services) mentor, and most importantly a more confident and resilient individual. Forcing myself outside of my comfort zone socially has had the biggest impact on me this year, and I can see it reflected in my academics, my personal relationships, and my own self-awareness.


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Throughout my time here at The Ohio State University, I have found that my involvement in Buckeye Civic Engagement Connection has been not only the most eye-opening experience, but also the most rewarding. I have always had a passion for social justice, and through BCEC, I was able to fuel my passion through hands-on service work. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I travel to Trevitt Elementary School for the G.E.M (Grow, Explore, Mentor) program, and help 4th graders who have scored lower on standardized tests improve and develop their reading and writing abilities, as well as act as a mentor for them and provide anti-violence and anti-bullying guidance. As many can agree, being a college student is one of the most stressful periods in your life. However, I have found that I genuinely look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays, not only because I get to help children, but because the children also help me. Seeing the improvements in their academics, as well as the smiles on their faces when I come back to see them makes it all worthwhile, and really makes me feel as though I am actually making an impact on the lives of others. Although Ohio State has gotten me involved and offered many resources, my commitment to BCEC has been the most rewarding and significant part of my experience here, and I am very lucky to have gotten the opportunity to devote my time to such an organization.

About Me

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