Museum Work

My goal career-wise is to be able to become a museum curator. Next year, I intend on applying for one of the History major programs that has an emphasis on Public History. I also am going to be helping Professor Bond with her research with French media in the revolutionary period.

My Majors

I am currently majoring in History and WGSS. The goal of this is to apply a WGSS focus to my analysis of history, so that more people are represented and have a voice.
This fits into Global Awareness because I will study history around the world, and analyze its effects on varying people that are often underrepresented.
This fits into Original Inquiry because I fully intend on doing research on this topic, and perhaps studying abroad. I already am signed up to help with research with a professor in the Autumn of 2016.
This fits into Academic Enrichment because I am taking a rigorous and diverse course load to explore these majors and better comprehend the world.
This fits into Leadership Development because I always apply myself in the classroom, often leading group projects and helping others.
This fits into Service Engagement for through the WGSS major, there are numerous service opportunities to better our community and the world.

My First Semester at OSU

My first semester at OSU was a plethora of events. These varied from seeing Joe Biden (and Josh Hutcherson), going to a concert for the first time by myself, and the numerous late night runs to Sloopy’s. It involved laying on the Oval late at night, listening to Taylor Swift. It involved dancing in the amphitheater near Mirror Lake on Halloween, belting ‘The Time Warp’ at the tops of our lungs. UDF chocolate milkshakes, seeing Hitchcock films at the Gateway Film Center, wandering through the Short North, pulling all-nighters just to wind up at Waffle House at 5 am. It consisted of all this, and more.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been worried about college. However, to be more realistic, I dreaded college. I dreaded being away from my home, my cat, and the life I have back in Cincinnati. It’s not as if going to OSU is the best choice I have made thus far, but it’s not a terrible choice. I’ve made friends here. I’ve fallen into a routine. I have a fish named Zelda and two windowsill plants that rely on me. I have a roommate that I’m so glad to have in my life, and I’m taking courses that interest me- at least, most of them.

I’ve discovered that I’m more independent than I thought I was. I’ve pushed past my fears and anxieties and have attempted to make a life for myself here. I like to think I even succeeded. I’ve worked hard in my classes, and I’ve adjusted well enough. I miss my family, however. I miss not having to venture out of my home for food. I miss familiarity in a place I’ve always belonged. However, I feel as if everyone misses this. And if we miss this collectively, then it isn’t so bad. Myself, and all of these people scurrying about campus, all have a home outside of this one. However, it’s when we start to acknowledge this, and form connections beyond this that we, perhaps, can belong in a place that is far from where we started. That’s what is making my college experience thus far a success. I have people here with whom I can relate, and who care for me for who I am. Without that, I wouldn’t be able to survive here. But with it, I can thrive.

Humans of OSU

humans of osu

“I always try to look for the positive in everyday, whether it’s appreciating a flower, or giving someone a compliment. I don’t care if I seem weird to others for being overly energetic about the little things in life, I’d rather be happy.”

Top 5 Strengths

When I initially heard about the strengths test, I was highly skeptical of it all. I felt fairly certain of what strengths I had, and which I was best at. When I took the actual test, I was still fairly skeptical. I’m not one for finding out my Myers-Briggs label, and I didn’t see what these labels would do to benefit me. After I took the test, I discovered mostly what I already knew, but it helped me realize I must hone these skills to be the best I can be.
My number one strength is ‘Context’. This essentially means that my focus is on the past, and that the past is something I often dwell on and adapt to the present to learn and develop. To be honest, this one wasn’t really a surprise. I’m a History major, and even outside of a historical context, I’m not one to repeat my mistakes. I learn from them and evolve.
My second strength is ‘Input’. This essentially means I have an immense desire to learn more, and discover more. I apparently maintain and collect lots of information. Yet again, not really an eye opener. I spent years in Academic Quiz Team, memorizing dates and wars, titles and authors. Even as a child, I poured over novels, constantly trying to discover new and wondrous things. This will help fuel my drive in college, due to my thirst for knowledge.
My third strength is a shift- it’s ‘Maximizer’. This strength isn’t exactly a surprise, but it’s something I sometimes view as a fault. I’m restless when it comes to projects and assignments. I’m constantly tweaking and attempting to develop it more- so much so that I often over things and make myself incredibly anxious because of it. However, this will help me to churn out my best work.
My fourth strength is ‘Intellection’. Yet again, this wasn’t much of a surprise to me. It essentially means that I’m introspective and enjoy intellectual discussions. I suppose this is true, but often I don’t seek out incredibly intellectual discussions. I’m more just consciously involved internally, constantly pondering things. College is a time for self discovery and making important choices- this will come in handy for those times.

My fifth and final strength is ‘Achiever’. This is the least surprising of all. My whole life, I have strived to work hard to achieve what I believed was best for me- whether that was getting into National Honor Society or obtaining a solo in Chorus. I think this is the biggest key to my success, because I wouldn’t be here, and I wouldn’t have been able to pass all the classes I have if I hadn’t been willing to push myself to work hard. The only thing I disagree with is apparently I enjoy “being busy.” To be entirely honest, being busy is probably something I hate the most. I might be able to work hard through what I need to, but that does not, by any means, imply I enjoy doing it. I would much rather have down time than constantly involving myself in new projects. However, this trait will help me push to succeed in whatever I attempt to do.

My First Week at OSU

Starting college was something I had been dreading all summer long. It’s not like I adore summer time, or that college is some sort of evil place parents send their children to for thousands upon thousands of dollars. It was more that I didn’t want to leave my cat, or my bed, or my books, or my family. The whole drive up to Columbus, I was constantly trying to distract myself with any other thoughts. Even when I unpacked, I dawdled. I felt sick and incredibly lost and definitely out of my element.

That first weekend was hard. I was exhausted and hot, but I had to keep myself sociable. I made quick friends with Traci, my roommate. I had been worried about that, and I had absolutely no idea what she would be like. However, she’s been wonderful and sarcastic and accepting of my many quirks (and I have been equally accepting of hers). Though I didn’t enjoy that first Sunday, I skipped out of convocation on Monday in order to explore campus, properly decorate, talk to my mom and watch the squirrels on the Oval. I’m not one for big groups, and the down time really helped me settle myself more.

As the week hit and classes started, I was initially very nervous about getting to them (and thus arriving to my first class an hour early- it was an 8 am). Traci and I would take walks around campus at dusk to figure out where all our classes were, and we made friends with the girls across the hall. Sam and Kass are some of my favorite people here now- they both brighten my day, and though I know it is hard for them to be apart from their loved ones, knowing that it’s hard for them too makes me feel a little better.

My first week ended on a stressful note because I had to take an exam to raise me a level in French. After a time of stressing out about what to do, I took the test. I went in with the mindset that if I didn’t pass that test and was stuck in the French class I had been placed, I would have to leave Ohio State and go somewhere else to pursue my major. Luckily, I passed and my new friends and I celebrated on Friday by nabbing dinner at Noodles and Company and getting some Insomnia Cookies.

On Saturday, we celebrated Sam’s eighteenth birthday and the ability to sleep in as late as we wanted to.
All in all, the first week wasn’t terrible. It had its rough patches, but I came out more confident in myself, and with a couple of new friends to keep me positive. I’m looking forward to being able to explore the city and having new adventures.

About Me

u4 My name is Emily Glassmeyer, and I am currently studying History and WGSS in the hopes of pursuing a career as a museum curator. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Colerain High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I was a member of National Honor Society, Class Officers, Varsity Academic Quiz Team and the Head of Costumes for our Drama department. During my time there, I took a variety of AP courses, but it was in AP European History where I discovered my enduring love for history. Through balancing my rigorous course work and my extra curricular activities, I was able to create a determined work ethic and a passion for helping others achieve their goals. This year, as I start my journey at Ohio State, I hope to explore my love of history and the French language and guide myself to achieving my life long dream of creating my own exhibits and helping others discover a passion for history in a renewed, tangible way.

Year in Review

College has been an experience. The summer before we arrived, I spent the whole time dreading coming here. I didn’t want to be away from my pets, my family, my friends and everything that has always been familiar to me. However, I knew that this was an essential part for my growth. I had to leave my hometown so that I could learn what it was like to be on my own, something I knew I would have to be to achieve all I desire. I figured I would be extremely emotional, and that I might not become good friends with my room mate, and I found it all to be very scary.

And then, I was here. My parents left after move-in (and I’ll admit, I was a bit of a mess), but I told myself that I would see them soon. At that point, I knew I would be back in town in fourteen days. I told myself I could do anything, if only for fourteen days. That was my tactic for awhile, and besides the ache for home, college wasn’t so bad.

I enjoyed most of my classes, I made enough friends to be content, and Traci turned out to be one of my favorite people on campus — she probably is my favorite person campus. I ended first semester with a 4.0 and a desire to be home with my friends and family once more. My cat disappeared around Halloween, but no one told me until Fall Break, and that was probably the hardest thing about first semester.

Second semester came and I quickly realized my schedule was a little overwhelming, so I switched out some courses, and I am so happy I had. I’ve learned so much from my classes this semester, particularly Intro to Queer Study and Revolutionary and Napoleonic Europe. I’ve been offered a research opportunity, and I feel like I’ve become a more aware person. I pledge to become a WGSS double major, and I figured out I could do all of this in the next two years, and get out a year early.

All in all, OSU has been an experience. There was a time in which I thought I wouldn’t come back, where I thought I should maybe go to UC instead. It’s not that OSU is the terrible, but I don’t think it’s my ideal place. However, I don’t think that really matters. I know I can get what I need and get out in a decent amount of time here, and so I’m going to do that.


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