Explore Columbus Semester 1

For our Explore Columbus Assignment, my mentees Bella Miller and Gia Vega and I chose to walk over to a cafe called “Coffee Connections of Gateway”. This cafe is in a little nook by the Gateway movie theater right off of Ohio State’s campus. The courtyard area in front of the movie theater has little shops and restaurants with beautiful twinkling lights that hang above the cozy area. None of us had ever been to this location or knew that there was a coffee shop here so we decided this location would be worth learning about. 

Because one of my mentees was home for the weekend and coming back Sunday afternoon, we decided to go to the coffee shop around 6 pm that night. We met in the lobby of Smith Steeb and walked over to the coffee shop. Daylights savings time had just started that day and we were surprised at how early it was even though it felt so late! We joked about how our winter coats were still at home as we shivered and walked. We caught up with each other and talked about the differences between fall and spring semesters. For example, autumn semester assignments usually start out slow due to it being a new school year, freshmen, and lots of activities. In contrast, spring semester usually kicks off pretty quickly. I think this might have helped them feel a little more prepared for next semester. 

Once we got to the cafe, we walked inside and realized it was very aesthetically pleasing. The area was very white with wood emphasis, soothing lights, and cute decorations. It felt very cozy because it was a pretty small room. One girl was working at the counter and we were the only people in the cafe. She told us to have a look at the menu which was a black wall with chalk-like writing on it. We looked it over and enjoyed looking at the little souvenirs they had while we waited for her to come back. When she did, Bella and I ordered a berry smoothie and Gia ordered a coffee. The barista was very nice and welcoming to us and we all talked together about what years in school we are and about Ohio State. She chatted with us a bunch and it was really calming! I like how tiny coffee shops are a lot more personal with their staff connecting to customers. She talked about how it was ironic that she didn’t like coffee but she worked at a coffee shop! We thought that was pretty funny. 

We took a seat in one of the booths nearby and started chatting more about what was going on recently. They both have been having a good semester so far and we talked about the great parts about college like friends and experiences and freedom, and the not so nice parts like stress and midterms. When our drinks were ready, we went up to the counter to receive them. We all agreed that they were delicious and decided we would definitely come back. We sat back down at the booth and continued catching up with each other while also simply getting to know each other a little better. We talked about family, pets, activities, clubs, boyfriends, and school. We all agreed that with Thanksgiving being so late, finals week would be challenging and that we wouldn’t have a whole lot of time to prepare. After talking for about an hour, we took our selfie and walked back to the dorm!

I think this was a great location for our explore columbus. Even though it was so close to us, I think it was a great way to learn about the things we might overlook in our own location. I think this cafe will also serve as a great study spot in years to come because we all really loved the aesthetics, coziness, and drinks. It was also very quiet which would make a great place for studying. 

I highly recommend this coffee shop to anyone looking for a hidden little gem nearby Ohio State. It’s a very cute and relaxing coffee shop. Because I have never been there other than a Sunday night, I’m not sure if it gets much busier on weekdays or mornings. Either way, they had great staff and amazing drinks! The decor and theme of the shop was picture worthy and we really enjoyed looking at all of the decor. I would recommend getting there a little before 6 if planning on studying, because they close at 7pm. Overall, it was a great experience and we all hope to return – next time with winter coats!


Mentee First Semester Interview

I have two mentees this year and their names are Gia Vega and Bella Miller. I interviewed Bella first in a comfy living area at Smith Steeb. She is a Psychology major and wants to be a school psychologist! She said she has always wanted to work with people, and more specifically, children. She is fascinated by the subject of psychology and wants to help children through this future position. She said she will be getting her graduates degree before moving on to the workforce. Her love for psychology has inspired her to join the Positive Psychology Club at Ohio State which, so far, has consisted of interesting and positive speakers and discussions. Because she loves swimming and coached a children’s swim team in high school, she’s thinking about maybe becoming a lifeguard at Ohio State. She also may want to get involved with a club called Paws 4 Ability which focuses on helping children and veterans gain service dogs.

Bella chose ACES because she thought it would go hand in hand with her major. She also wanted to find a scholars group that had volunteer service as a priority. She has enjoyed it so far, but she said while starting out, it was a little difficult to find service hours. One thing that surprised her about Ohio State so far was how quickly it felt like home. She thought it would take much longer to get used to, but she warmed up to it very quickly. However, one thing that she learned was to not expect to find your friend group in the first weeks. It took her some time to find the right friends, but she eventually settled into her roommate’s friend group and truly loves all the people.

When I interviewed Gia, I met with her while she ate lunch at the Union Market. She is a Neuroscience major. She was intrigued by this career path due to many mental health issues in her family. These experiences and circumstances have given her a strong passion to work in this field and discover answers. It is also has a wide variety of career paths, but she’s not really sure which one she wants to choose yet because she keeps going back and forth between Clinical Psychology and Occupational Therapy. I assured her that she has plenty of time to decide! She plans to get her graduates degree before heading on to her career.

So far, she is involved in PenPals, which is an organization focusing on literacy for elementary students. She writes to an elementary schooler every two weeks and has found this enjoyable! She loves kids which, in a way, led her to choosing ACES. Since her major was STEM focused, she wanted to be in a scholars program that focused on children, social aspects, and service work for the community. In the future, she hopes to get involved in Occupational Therapy Club and a new club called RISE that her roommate will hopefully be starting soon. This club will focus on helping English Language Learners in elementary schools. She hopes to help out with starting the club and is excited to make an impact through that.

One thing that surprised her about Ohio State was the cultural differences of the student population. She was expecting that from the statistics, but being surrounded by all of it affected her more than she had expected. The most important thing she has learned so far is time management. She says that because she has a lot more freedom as a college student, you have to be wise about how much time you have and how you use it!

Overall, it was so great to interview these women and get to know them and their backgrounds a little better. I enjoyed my time with them and can’t wait to connect with them during our Explore Columbus event! I hope to use all of this information to help mentor them throughout our time together and push them to continue doing great and impactful things during their time here at Ohio State and their careers moving forward.

I think the Honors & Scholars G.O.A.L.S. are good standards to apply to life after college. In my future, as an art teacher, I plan to help and teach students from all aspects of life. I hope to teach them that their differences matter and that diversity is what makes this world, and the art in it, so beautiful. I hope to continue to learn about art throughout my life, to conduct my own research, and have the drive to learn about my surroundings. I plan to also make a large impact on my community and others by continuing to volunteer, create volunteer opportunities for others, and to go on more mission trips. Overall, I believe these goals are not only limited to college, but beyond as well.

When I went to the involvement fair at OSU, I joined a club called Fresh Start. They create “GoBags” which are bags of basic hygiene products for the homeless in our community. This reminded me of what we did in New York City on my mission trip so I was eager to get involved. The first time I volunteered for them was at a table in front of Thompson Library and the goal was to stop people and have them make a GoBag in order to help spread awareness. When I got there, I realized I would be alone for my hour shift. This was rather intimidating. I tried to get people to stop but everyone who walked by ignored me for the first twenty minutes. I texted my friend for some advice and she told me to try changing something I was doing. I changed my wording and suddenly people were stopping. I got about twenty-five people to stop in the last 40 minutes and two of them signed up to be a part of the club. This taught me that sometimes you have to adjust to get the results you want. This is important in all aspects of life and I will apply it in the future.


When I first came to OSU as an art education major I had to make collages of my hands in my 2D art studio class. I thought that was simple enough and was excited to begin the project. When I began, it was extremely difficult to get what I was picturing in my mind on the paper. I was struggling with being calm enough to see what the piles of magazines offered me to cut out instead of desperately searching for the one thing I wanted to find. It was a very difficult process and when I completed it I wasn’t happy with it. But a few days later after a break from it, I looked at it again and was quite proud. This experience taught me that I should never judge the process of an artwork. You have to let it take its time to develop and not hate it for the way it looks while you’re still creating it. This also taught me that I have to take a step back, take a deep breath, and look at my artwork with an open mind when it is complete. This is very important to understand as an art education major and I will definitely think about what I’ve learned in my next studio courses.

About Me

My name is Madison Gladman and I am a first year student at The Ohio State University! I am an art education major and I plan to become an elementary art teacher. I am from Pataskala, Ohio and I am very close with my parents and friends. I love serving my community, and this is actually what led me to pursuing art education. In high school, I went on a mission trip to New York City, where I helped serve the homeless. I really connected with the children there and this inspired me to become an art teacher. Since then, I have continued to serve in my community and help those around me. I love doing art and challenging myself to explore new ideas, mediums, and techniques. I hope to help my future students explore art in the same way. In order to accomplish this, I am currently in the ACES (Advocacates for Community and Education) Scholars Program, I am challenging myself academically, and doing my absolute best in my art classes. I also love to run, explore nature, watch movies, and spend time with my friends and family! Overall, I am very excited for my future and can’t wait to grow and learn more about myself throughout my college experience!

Year in Review

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What I am currently doing as an Ohio State student is focusing on serving my community, meeting new people, learning about my studies, and applying what I learn in order to help others. I am serving my community as much as I can through my ACES program and also with Fresh Start and PenPals. I love to help others and it brings me a lot of joy. I love helping a wide variety of people and learning about their different lives and backgrounds. I’m working very hard in my studies and in my art studios and challenging myself greatly to do my best. All of this is preparing me to become a leader in this university and community. I can’t wait to go even further in my studies with research and push myself ever further.


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