Week 4/2- 4/6

This week at Gladden, I assisted Kim with major office work. We sorted through all the volunteer forms and liability waivers and organized them all in an excel file. I hadn’t worked with excel in quite some time so it’s always good to revisit those skills. This week, I was also able to work on our video project which should be coming together by next week. Wednesday was the most exciting day this week. Kim and I attended the Food Access meeting which was hosted by Lower Lights this year. Several non-profits from Columbus attended including, Lower Lights, Gladden, Mt. Carmel, Mid-Ohio, several homeless organizations and many more. We all were able to say what our organization is doing to fight hunger and improve the community. We were then able to tour the Jubilee market and cafe which is going to be a part of Lower Lights. It was an awesome experience and amazing to see what all the organizations are doing for the community.

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