Week 4/16-4/20

This week at the Gladden Food Pantry, it was Volunteer Appreciation Week, we were able to take a break from some of our other activities and celebrate some. I took photos of volunteers, found out a little bit about them, edited the photos in LightRom and then made Facebook posts for the Gladden Community House Facebook page. Wednesday, we celebrated volunteers with a volunteer lunch, and later that day I searched through the food demo archives for inspiration because it can be hard to make meals with the food that is just found in the pantry.

Later in the week, I continued with the volunteer Facebook posts, and editing the photos and captioning them but  I also searched the internet for a grant for the pantry so they can purchase an electric pallet jack. I also contacted various churches in Franklinton asking they would be able to donate personal hygiene items to the pantry. Friday was spent preparing for the painting that will be taking place on Monday. I helped move furniture, take down flyers, and even helped pick the paint color.

It was a great week at Gladden. 

Week 4/9-4/13

This week, we continued to work on our video project. iMovie was no cooperative, and we decided to switch the rest of the production to Adobe Premiere Pro. This week was spent learning the basics of Premiere Pro and how to add text slides and all the added effects with those. I also completed a food demonstration this week, I made crockpot lasagna soup and I also taught 5 ways to use baking soda. The turnout for this demo was huge and I was able to show many people how to make nutritious meals with the food they find in the pantry. For the food demos, I try to make something that all the ingredients are found in the pantry, I do this to show that even though these people are getting their food here, it is still nutritious and they are making healthy meals for their family. I also incorporated 5 ways to use baking soda, because baking soda is something we get often in the pantry, and many people do not know all the uses for it.

The rest of the week was spent working on my next food demonstration, in which I will talk about GMO food v. Non-GMO food. I also added all the photos into Premiere Pro for the video, assisted with paperwork for new volunteers, and began looking up recipes for the next food demo.Crockpot Lasagna Soup 5 Uses for Baking Soda

Week 4/2- 4/6

This week at Gladden, I assisted Kim with major office work. We sorted through all the volunteer forms and liability waivers and organized them all in an excel file. I hadn’t worked with excel in quite some time so it’s always good to revisit those skills. This week, I was also able to work on our video project which should be coming together by next week. Wednesday was the most exciting day this week. Kim and I attended the Food Access meeting which was hosted by Lower Lights this year. Several non-profits from Columbus attended including, Lower Lights, Gladden, Mt. Carmel, Mid-Ohio, several homeless organizations and many more. We all were able to say what our organization is doing to fight hunger and improve the community. We were then able to tour the Jubilee market and cafe which is going to be a part of Lower Lights. It was an awesome experience and amazing to see what all the organizations are doing for the community.


This week, I was not at the Pantry on Friday because we were closed for Good Friday, however, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I worked on several different projects. I worked on my next food demonstration and made a recipe for that, and I decided to add a second portion to my food demonstration and talk about 5 ways to use baking soda. The pantry clients are in the poverty level, so whatever I can teach them to save money and how to use items from the pantry effectively is helping significantly. I also worked on the video and started adding photos and text portions to the video and I also talked with clients about the previous recipe I created and what is beneficial to them about the food they’re consuming. Slow Cooker Golden Chicken-1hx530s