Week 3/5-3/9

This week at the Gladden Food Pantry, I began my internship and learned how to use their online pantry tracking system called “Pantry Track”. This online systems allows them to keep track of all the clients that come through the pantry and easily update their address and the number of people in the household. This also keeps track of the last time families have come through the pantry and if they are allowed to shop for their 3 day choice pantry, or if they are only allowed to get produce.

I also began designing a logo for the pantry. Gladden Food Pantry is a part of Gladden Community House, so we designed a couple logos, some of which had their own design elements and no relation to Gladden Community House, and then we designed logos that incorporated the Community House logo.

By the end of the week we had finalized the logo we were aiming for and it will be featured on flyers and posters in the upcoming weeks as well as on the Facebook page we will be updating soon. Circle Logo Logo Ideas Final Logo Wheat Logo

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