Tips for Preparing for and Running a Web Meeting

A web team meeting is more likely to be effective and successful if you do appropriate planning and preparation. People appreciate when meeting don’t waste time and are focused on completing specific tasks. It’s possible to complete much of the effort put towards a meeting before in even begins, time spent in preparation.

Tips for preparing for a web team meeting:

– Write an agenda to send before the meeting. Send in an email reminder the day before the meeting along with any changes to the time and location.

– Clearly identity goals for the meeting in the agenda, at least one but no more than three.

– Try to guess what will be important to others at the meeting based on their responsibilities and address it. Give people suggestions and assignments during the meeting, if appropriate.

– Arrive 10 minutes before the meeting to setup, prepare, and place agenda copies.

– Open webpages mentioned in the agenda in different tabs before the meeting.

Tips for running and following up on a web project meeting:

– If available have someone else from the web team take notes while you are presenting. Stopping to take detailed notes can make the flow of the meeting.

– Don’t react to every question or suggestion from the client as a feature request. If you don’t know the answer to a question tell the client that you will research the problem and get back to them soon. Some requests may need to be further researched and thought-through.

– Wrap-up and reflect on what occurred in the meeting and decisions made in a follow-up email. Summarized the status of project tasks and make sure team members understand their assignments.

– Type up meeting minutes summarizing what decisions were made in the meeting and keep meeting minutes records in a secure online project space. Add ticket numbers to new tasks defined in the meeting and assign to web team members. Use of project management and collaboration software can help keep everyone organized and on the same page.

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