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gisfa2011The GISFA program is open to graduate students in creative writing, music composition and performance, dance, theater, and all fields of visual art, including design. There is no admissions process; any graduate student whose admission to OSU was based on a portfolio submission and/or audition is automatically eligible to pursue the GISFA. A student’s own faculty advisor in his or her field can help plan GISFA elective courses, along with Professor Michelle Herman, who administers the GISFA program and will provide advising oversight.

Contact Michelle Herman as early as possible in your graduate education if you are interested in the GISFA. Upon completion of the program, your application to graduate from Ohio State will be accompanied by a Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization Transcript Designation Form.

The forms necessary for undertaking, and graduating with, the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Fine Arts can be accessed at

Image: video installation by Flo Gouvrit, Art & Technology

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