Hi There. Welcome! My name is Natalie Gintert.  I am currently a student in the Masters of Learning Technologies (MLT) program at The Ohio State University.  I entered into the MLT program in the fall semester of 2016.  Throughout the program I have met some great people and completed some very interesting courses and projects. I’ve included some photos  on this page that were taken during my time throughout the program.     To graduate from the MLT program every student has to complete a practicum. 

Whats a practicum you might ask? A practicum is defined as a practical section of a course of study.

The objectives for the practicum are  listed below.

Practicum Objectives

The Masters in Learning Technology (MLT) practicum serves as the culmination of the MLT degree. It is also the basis for developing a project which allows students to demonstrate their mastery of the learning outcomes found in the MLT curriculum.

This course consists mainly of a large system design project.

The deliverables at each milestone of the project demonstrate the ability to:

  • take a user-centered approach to design
  • draw on relevant research to analyze and apply emerging technologies
  • clearly articulate ideas in written and oral form
  • analyze societal and ethical implications of technology
  • develop a product with attention to quality
  • foster professional practices
This site was created to provide stakeholders with a place to check in on my progress throughout the project.

The idea for my project originated at work.  I work at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at Ohio State.  At the Glenn, I am a Program Manager in the Management Development Programs (MDP).  MDP is the training and professional development unit for the college.  We offer a variety of training program targeting mid-career adult learners.  Our MAPS (Management Advancement for the Public Service) programs are one day training seminars on a wide variety of topics.  Currently, when students take a MAPS seminar the course materials is all that the participant is provided.  After considering the courses that I have taken throughout the MLT program, I thought maybe we should be doing more for students in that program.  So,  that’s the short introduction into my project. A full description of the project is available on the page titled Milestone #1: Pitching Project.