Artifact 2

At the beginning of October, I faced the first of what would be a series of struggles that would try to hinder my day-to-day life. One great evening with friends, someone played my favorite kind of music–Christmas music. Not only was it my favorite type of music, but also my favorite song in the genre. When I heard the first chords of “I Don’t Want a Lot for Christmas”, I couldn’t help but to jump up and begin to dance. It turns out that I am not as great of a dancer as I had thought, for soon enough I had spun around, fallen down, and cracked my ankle.

As I had never broken a bone before, the pain I felt was indescribable. I tried to compose myself and act fine, but my friends knew better. The most amazing friends I have ever had took care of me by making me a makeshift splint and even carrying me home. Fast forward through five doctors appointments, a misdiagnosis, a worse diagnosis, and a week off of school and there I was back on campus.

I was given a walking boot, crutches, a “good luck”, and was sent on my way. When I got back to campus, I was sure that I would be fine. I mean, “it’s just a small break and a sprain… I’ll be okay.” However, I was not fine. That first day I used my crutches to walk one and a half miles across campus and when I returned to my dorm I broke down. I was physically exhausted and felt mentally defeated. I didn’t know what to do.

Later that evening, my friends stepped in and gave me a reality check. They reminded me who I am and what I have been able to overcome in the past. They helped me to realize that it is okay to ask for help and that I am capable of anything I set my mind to. This conversation really restarted my mindset and allowed me to gain my footing. I purchased a knee scooter and started trying to get more sleep for strength. I set up paratransit and allowed my friends to help me out.

Through this experience, though my journey is not yet even halfway over, I have learned so much. I have really learned that being stubborn and not asking for help will only hurt me more. Asking for help is necessary. I have also learned that sometimes I am not required to be okay under every circumstance–it is okay to be hurt. Mostly, though, I have learned that I am able to overcome everything that is thrown at me. I am strong  I am able I am an overcomer.

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