Artifact 1

In high school, I had an English teacher named Mrs. Myser. She was my teacher for four different classes and it wasn’t until junior year that I realized the deep impact she had had on me. Not only was she an incredible teacher but also an incredible inspiration. She was someone I could go to for anything. She was someone who would listen and offer the best advice. She would help me with every assignment I requested information on. Mrs. Myser was not an easy grader; she was not one to sugar coat things. With every assignment, she pushed me to be a better writer. Her lessons taught me how to get the most out of every sentence and how to make my words take the shape of something magnificent.
Mrs. Myser was the person who inspired me the most throughout high school. She was someone I really looked up to and someone who helped push me out of my comfort zone. If it weren’t for her, I honestly wouldn’t be the person I am today. Her words of encouragement and her pushing my writing abilities led me to find what I am passionate about. Her classes and her in and of herself made me realize that she is passionate about English and helping others and so am I! If it weren’t for Mrs. Myser, I would not be on the career path I am. She encouraged me to chase my dreams more than anyone else in may life. She showed me that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to. It was all of this and more that allowed me to find what I wanted to pursue. Here I am now, as an English major, and without her, I would not have a clue which direction to go.

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