Final Strategic Plan

Over the course of this semester, I have grown tremendously as a person. I used to think my life plan was rigid and set in stone, but upon coming here, I realized the importance of allowing for fluidity and change when it is needed. Using the help of advisors and Buckeyelink, I was able to look up a major much better suited to my needs and interests. I have switched from biochemistry to human nutrition. Human nutrition is a major I will most likely stick with for the rest of college and I have made a four-year plan for it with my advisor. I am now preparing for a pre-dental track instead of pre-medical after extensively reading about career and education pathways in both. My back up plan is optometry.


Since I am on the bhangra team and plan to continue with it throughout college, I will easily be able to incorporate aerobic exercise into my schedule three to four times a week. I also plan on continuing weight lifting three times a week as well. On the weekends I plan on at least spending one dinner out with my friends. I also will have the opportunity to travel and spend time with my team due to competitions on the weekends.


I have the same professor for all of my nutrition courses so I will definitely go to her office hours and use her help and guidance to find research in the nutrition field. I have many upperclassman friends on my team as well as from my town that are already giving me advice on a pre-dental track and DAT study plan since they are either now taking it or applying for dental bhangra img_0055