About Me

Hi! I’m Samantha Gilbert and I am studying Biochemistry in the Honors Program at The Ohio State University on a pre-med track. I will be a Junior in Fall 2018. On campus, I am a member of the Alpha Gamma chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta and involved in OSU Pen PALS. I am currently taking an Emergency Medical Technician Certification course and plan to work as an EMT in the fall.

Shadowing in Anesthesiology – Spring 2018

This past semester, I took a shadowing class at OSU through which I had the opportunity to be connected with a Physician at Wexner Medical Center whom I could shadow a few times throughout the semester. I was lucky enough to be paired up with a great mentor, anesthesiologist Dr. Ronald Harter. During the time I shadowed Dr. Harter, he was extremely engaging and willing to teach me what he could about anesthesiology as a future career path. I definitely see anesthesiology as a possible path for my future in medicine because it relates very directly to my major, biochemistry (which I really enjoy 🙂 ). I like how one responsibility of the anesthesiologist is monitoring how the drugs administered are regulated within the body; this relates to a lot of biochemistry topics.  I think that exploring pediatric anesthesiology would be a cool experience.

Pediatric Trauma Surgery Internship

This past summer, I was one of 15 students from around the Cincinnati area to be chosen for Cincinnati Children’s High School Senior Summer Internship Program. I shadowed and was mentored by Pediatric Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Richard Falcone. In addition to over 150 hours of OR and clinical shadowing time, I also did research in an ongoing study examining over- and under-triage rates and trauma activation criteria and resource usage.