There are several goals that I have set for myself this year to make myself a better student, family member, friend, member of the community, and overall person. I set goals in hopes that they will make me better and make the world a better place. When thinking about my goals, I think that my goals fit in well with the G.O.A.L.S. framework.

First, when thinking about Global Awareness, two of my most important goals are to finish my Spanish minor and study abroad this May. I want to finish my Spanish minor, so I can have a better grasp of the language and culture. I want to travel to a Spanish-speaking country to immerse myself in the culture, so I can learn more about others and their stories. I also want to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, so I can become fluent in Spanish. That is the ultimate goal for me. If I can become a fluent Spanish Speaker, I can have amazing jobs that unilingual people can’t get because they only speak one language. In terms of Original Inquiry, I plan to engage in market research to learn more about the financial system and the global market. I plan to research stocks and invest so that I can learn more about finance. As I am a finance major it is important for me to do individual research. To continue in my academic enrichment, I strive for greatness in all my course. I strive for 4.0 GPAs every semester because I want to be the best student in my class. I strive to be the best and to work harder than the next person because I want to be the best. My goals in leadership development are to be vocal as a leader and to lead by example. As a service committee chair, I want to lead my committee to be the best that it can be. I need to be vocal and motivate them to be better. I also need to be led by example and work hard to make sure they are working hard to serve others. In service engagement, my goal is to lead a group to Appalachia to build houses for the poor. I want to lead this group to help impoverished people build houses and to help people in my group to grow in their faith.