Final STEP Reflection

At MAI Capital Management, I was a corporate accounting intern. At my internship, I worked within Microsoft Office to keep track of company finances, produced spreadsheets to analyze the company, and worked within the financial forecast.

My internship at MAI Capital Management allowed me to have a better understanding of myself because I learned about what I would enjoy doing in my career and what I would not enjoy doing in my career. Specifically, I learned that I enjoy doing accounting work. Because of this internship, I have decided to change my major to accounting and economics so that I can be better prepared for a career accounting. MAI Capital Management manages the wealth of high net worth individuals. Working with this client information made me rethink what I want to do with my money if I become wealthy. I learned about some foundations that these high net worth individuals started to help others in need. These clients have inspired me to use my time, treasure, and talent to make the world a better place.

At MAI Capital Management, I formed several relationships that aided in understanding more about opportunities available for in business. I formed close relationships with the corporate accounting associate, the senior financial analyst, my manager, and the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Each person aided me in understanding more about what they do, what they studied in school, and how they apply that knowledge to their career. Through this communication, I decided the accounting would be a better major for me due to its flexibility in business. Accounting also provides you with the valuable skill of being able to understand financial statements. MAI Capital Management works to “take care of their clients, take care of yourself, and take care of each other”. Through this my work at MAI Capital Management, I saw this motto personified. I was treated like a family member. It made me realize that I want to work in a company that treats each employee with dignity and respect.

MAI Capital Management is committed to its community. Twice a month, volunteers from the company go to a soup kitchen in downtown Cleveland. This commitment to their community, inspires me to help others. I also had the opportunity to understand what some of the high net worth clients do to make the world a better place. Learning about clients’ foundations to help impoverished or ill people has inspired me to want to help others with my time, treasure, and talent. There was a lot of emphasis on service to others and making the world a better place. I hope to continue what I learned at MAI Capital Management, and take care of others.

Servant Leadership has been an important value in my life since I learned about it as a pillar of my high school’s mission statement. Even though I learned about Servant Leadership in high school, I never had the chance to see it in action in a business. Watching MAI Capital Management’s Chief Executive Officer serve his employees to ensure that they could do be the best work possible allowed me to see Servant Leadership in action in a large business. MAI Capital Management’s work environment was positive and everyone enjoyed each other and treated each other like family. This all starts at the top, and the CEO exemplified the value of servant leadership so that his employees could also lead others by serving them.

Learning more about accounting and potential careers in accounting have helped me to decide my major. This will help me narrow down what careers I want to enter and decide on internships for this coming summer. My commitment to my community will be valuable for my life because I want to be a positive force in my community. I want to make the world a better place, and I believe that I can make the world a better place because of the tools MAI Capital Management has given me. I also believe that MAI Capital Management has allowed me to see the impact that Servant Leadership can have on an organization. I wish to continue to lead by serving others and making a better the world a better place. All the employees and executives have served as excellent role models for me in my pursuit to lead others.


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