Artifact: Autumn ’18

This semester has been important in my professional development due to my role as a service committee chair for Mount Leadership Society. As a service committee chair, I have coordinated several service events from the initial contact of our service site to the final report for our advisor. I learned how to professionally email our contacts at various service sites. This is a vital school that I will need for the rest of my life, and I am thankful that I have learned this. I have also written lesson plans and budgets for service projects in my role as a service committee chair. In the beginning, I struggled with writing lesson plans because I was not as thorough as I could have been. My advisor made a lot of suggestions to make my lesson plans better, and as I progressed throughout the year, I believe that I have been more thorough in my lesson plans. As a leader for many of our service projects, I have better learned how to lead a group of peers and solve problems that have come up during the service projects. I also learned how to conduct a meeting well. In the meetings, I believe I did a good job keeping everyone on task to make sure it was a productive meeting. There were times this semester when I did not do well in my role. However, I learned from the mistakes I made and throughout the year. As the year progressed, I became a better chair because I learned from my mistakes. I am grateful for this opportunity as I believe it has helped in my professional development.