Teaching Artifacts

This page contains samples of materials that I have developed for various teaching responsibilities. You are welcome to read the brief rationale for each, and if you are interested in further details, the links will provide .pdf files for the documents described in each section.


Motivational Interviewing Class Handout

I developed a guest lecture presentation for second year masters students on Motivational Interviewing. I delivered this lecture to the 12 students in the clinical mental health counseling track at Ohio State as part of a class session that I facilitated on October 18, 2012. The internship course is process-oriented, and can therefore be responsive to student needs. As the primary doctoral supervisor for student interns, I was aware of frustration regarding experiences of resistance with clients, and decided that Motivational Interviewing would be a useful way for students to gain skills in facilitating change. Feedback from this presentation is available on the Evidence of Effectiveness section of this site.


Multicultural Counseling Group Handouts

As discussed on the Sample Syllabus page, the Multicultural Counseling course that I developed contains both didactic lectures and process group components. The groups provide an environment for safe discussions of issues related to personal awareness and professional development. At the halfway point of the course, the students have had sufficient time to develop mutual trust, and begin to deepen their explorations through a discussion on implicit bias. They have completed online activities on this topic, and the group leader (a doctoral student) uses a  structured guide to facilitate the students’ conversation based upon completion of a group exercise.


Multicultural Counseling Lecture

As students approach the end of the multicultural counseling course, they are expected to build upon their knowledge and awareness to develop skills for providing multiculturally competent counseling. Therefore, this lecture utilizes a hands-on approach to cross-cultural counseling and broaching for students to transfer their academic experiences to their practical setting. Students engage in active learning through a case study and small group participation.

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