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I am a program manager at the Office of Student Life’s Student Wellness Center and a doctoral candidate in Counselor Education at The Ohio State University. As a licensed professional counselor, the idea of wellness is woven into my understanding of what it means to be human. I believe that each person’s life entails ongoing efforts to become more fully the person she or he truly wants to be. My personal mission statement is simple: “Helping others grow.” My goal as a coach, counselor, student affairs professional, and educator is to meet my clients and students where they are and help them move toward where they want to be.

For more on the wellness coaching program, please visit: go.osu.edu/wellnesscoaching

My research interests include the promotion of mental health and wellness, positive psychology, student development, strengths, motivation, supervision, spirituality, and education. I have presented on a wide range of topics at professional conferences in student affairs, health promotion, and counseling. My career choices reflect my commitment to facilitating students’ ability to thrive and flourish, both individually and organizationally. Additionally, I am interested in creating training and educational programs for helping professionals and lay volunteers that support personal and professional development. I am always interested in exploring new ideas, and welcome conversation on any topic.

Climbing Trees

In the Redwoods

Apart from my studies and work,  I am passionate about savoring all that life has to offer. When I’m not in the office, you might find me hiking, backpacking, biking, sipping coffee and discussing movies and tv shows, playing disc golf, obsessing over fantasy sports, cooking and enjoying good food, and traveling to new destinations, from a restaurant or neighborhood that is new to me to far flung international sites (whenever opportunity knocks).


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