2016 Program Information

We are excited to announce information about our upcoming trip to Ghana during Spring 2016!

The program will hold its Spring Semester 2016 studio class this year to develop and continue work on projects for implementation in the Offinso North District of Ghana.

New for Spring 2016, a program change will allow students from other disciplines to join the class as an independent study or as an abbreviated workshop. This will allow interdisciplinary collaboration without constraining students outside of CRP to six credit hours of CRP credit. We believe this combination will be the best of all worlds: incentivizing interdisciplinary collaboration by being sensitive to the busy academic schedules of potential students, and ensuring a strong foundation of the program in City and Regional planning by formulating the class as a studio course for CRP students.

If you are interested in joining our program, please visit the Office of International Affair’s website for additional information or email the Program Manager, Kevin Buettner, at buettner.18@osu.edu.

We have more announcements on the horizon, so make sure to bookmark this page and revisit often!

Most importantly, we thank you for your interest, support, and participation in the Ghana Sustainable Change program and mission.


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