A Letter From Joe Campbell

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 2.44.50 PMNext semester I will be stepping out of my co-leadership role with the Ghana Sustainable Change program. I am honored to have served this important
program over the last 14 months, assisting in grant writing, course planning and teaching as a Co-Instructor for the 2014 spring course and May study abroad program. The opportunity to work again with our partners from the Offinso North District
was the opportunity of a lifetime. I will remain in contact with our colleagues and friends in the OND through Facebook and WhatsApp as well as engaged in other projects in Ghana and West Africa through a separate venture outside of my work role at OSU. There is a great community of dedicated residents in Columbus supportive of sustainable
development in Ghana as well as an excellent network of GSC Alumni across the U.S. who I plan to remain in contact with. Many thanks to everyone who I worked with and for this incredible opportunity! I am available at campbell.844@osu.edu or +1614-634-6363 if ever needed.
Meda ase, Joe Kwame Campbell