Mod 5 understanding

I like printing out the PPT before class so that I can fill add notes and expand on them. This way I’m not just trying to copy down the slides and churn out notes, but actually trying to understand the content and what the professor is saying. If slides aren’t available, then I like breaking my notes up into sections based on content or topic. One note allows me to have a notebook for each class and a different tab/section devoted to different topics or chapters. You can also add images, videos, or sound to your notes in one-note. I like that I can make tables or find an image online to add to my notes. I can record a lecture and add it right into the notes! Developing your own style for note taking is essential! There are many styles of note taking and each style can be helpful depending on how you need your notes to function for different classes. The column style of Cornell’s question/ answer folding style can be very helpful during reviews; make two columns, on one side a topic posed as question and in the other column right the answer. If your course is heavy in keywords and terms you may find it useful to make that a cornerstone of your note taking for that class by adopting the keyword style. Keyword style is very similar to Cornell’s method, but add a column for expansion on a keyword. I find Mind mapping more useful in review to check your retention and understanding tan as an original way to take notes as it takes up a lot of space. You essentially make bubbles of ideas and connect related bubble content.

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  1. Skye,

    I never thought about printing my notes off before class. I always would just focus on writing down everything my teacher said. It wasn’t until my sister told me to do that that I realized it is such a more effective way of taking notes for several reasons. First of all, you can actually listen to what your teacher is saying. Also, you can add to what they say in the lines. Often times they will give examples that are not in the notes and I usually write those down in the lines.


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