chapter 6, mod 3

Creating and maintaining an online social life with other students taking the same online course as you can make or break your success in the course. Some tips for creating these relationships are:

First impressions- As always first impressions are very important. some ways to create a good first impression in the digital world are to check your spelling and grammar. Avoid using inappropriate language/ jokes and slang. Also avoid using all CAPS as they come off as confrontational.  These mistakes can keep classmates from wanting to work with you.

Adding tone and personal touches. Connecting online- Treat online communications the same as face to face encounters Be polite and show interest in the other person. “How is your day going?”, “Do you understand the assignment?”.  If something makes you smile try using emoticons to help convey feeling when appropriate. Keep emoticons out of professional discourse. Be as clear as you can to avoid miscommunications. If you attached something in an email clearly state that you did. Check for and communicate understanding. roger roger.

Emails- When communicating with someone or a group make sure you double check who you are sending to.  Gain an understanding of how Listserves work so that you don’t respond to a group when you are trying to send to an individual and vise versa. Include any additional contact information you would like your contact to have.

Keep organized and stay on top of your course work. Motivation can wane and wax during the semester but you need to keep an eye on your long term goals and make daily decisions about what you want in your life. You need to stay focused so that your present doesn’t affect your future negatively.

Getting to know your online peers and instructors can lead to lifelong friendships and form great support networks for your academic career. The feedback you get can be very valuable and insightful.

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