Trends and Challenges in Sampling the Deep Subsurface

Later in February, we (in collaboration with Dr. Kelly Wrighton, Dr. Paula Mouser, and Dr. Dave Cole) will host a workshop titled ‘Trends and Challenges in Sampling the Deep Subsurface’

The workshop aim is to bring together scientists with experience in handling and working with deep subsurface samples, and develop best practices for future work in these environments.

More information here: link

The metagenomics fight back begins…

The continued description of purely 16S rRNA gene surveys as ‘metagenomics’ continues unabated. Whether this is down to a lack of understanding of what ‘metagenomics’ actually encompasses, or a desire to link research to a hot topic such as metagenomics, it’s a trend that dilutes the understanding of what actual metagenomics can accomplish for members of the public, and scientists in other fields….a couple of recent blog posts from Jonathan Eisen and Mick Watson have highlighted this, and are well worth reading:

From Jonathan Eisen’s The Tree of Life Blog

From Mick Watson’s opinomics blog

So the lab in Biological Sciences 656 is pretty much ready for action now. Almost everything has been installed and tested, including our TOC and Guava cell sorter. Some pics below….