Census 2020

This year is a pivotal and groundbreaking year for many reasons. We’re currently in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, the likes of which we haven’t experienced for more than a century. The U.S. is finally coming face to face with the long history of racism and the impacts of institutional racism we’ve been living with for hundreds of years. In addition to the social and public health issues we’re facing, 2020 is a census year AND a presidential election year. Both of these latter events could shape the United States for years to come, dictating the distribution or resources, representatives, and policies long after the events of 2020 are concluded.

During autumn semester, the Department of Geography will look at the Census from different perspectives that go well beyond the political implications that the Census is usually discussed. This series of blogs will discuss social inequity and the implications of resource distribution; geographic disparities; technique, data collection, and first-hand experiences; social programs and the data used; how census data is used in research; population changes and environmental impacts, and many other topics.

We’re excited to look more deeply into the Census and investigate avenues beyond the everyday numbers of representation. Join us on our exploration of the 2020 Census!