Step Three: Processing

Green coffee arrives at Keurig’s® various facilities where it is then roasted, ground, and packaged. The Keurig® locations at which this takes place include Castroville, California, Knoxville, Tennessee, Windsor, Virginia, Sumner, Washington, numerous locations in Canada, and several cities in Vermont (Creating Sustainable Products). See the map at the end of this page for the various Keurig® processing facilities.

Even in this step of the commodity chain of K-Cups®, Keurig® is very concerned with the impact it is having on the environment. In fact, Keurig® tracks the energy required for its roasting, grinding, and packaging operations using a method that provides data that helps monitor energy use and enables its employees to run equipment more efficiently. Moreover, Keurig® purchases renewable energy credits in order to lessen the impact of direct energy (Creating Sustainable Products). A renewable energy credit represents producing one megawatt-hour of electricity with a renewable energy source. Lastly, this specific activity in the K-Cup® commodity chain accounts for only 2.5% of Keurig’s® greenhouse gas footprint and less than 1% of its blue water footprint (Creating Sustainable Products). Thus the environmental impacts of the Processing stage are minimal.

There are a couple different reasons for Keurig® keeping such a close eye on its energy usage. Starting with the reason that is similar to the previous two activities, trying to be as eco-friendly as possible will garner the admiration of more consumers and thus increase profits for the company. However, an additional reason is that tracking energy requirements and using techniques that monitor energy usage is economically wise. Efficiency means less wasted resources, which is better for both the environment and the company’s profits. Thus, Keurig® may be pursuing energy efficiency in order to preserve the earth, but it is certainly helping itself out in the process.


Locations of various Keurig® processing facilities

Locations of various Keurig® processing facilities

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