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I am living in Beijing, China. There are three members in my family just like most Chinese. I have a strong interest, especially in traditional Chinese culture. As a result, I volunteered in the Forbidden City in 2016, giving free maps to visitors and pointing the right road for visitors. Therefore, I can get more opportunities to take a closer look at traditional Chinese architecture. I also like playing Guzheng very much, which is a traditional Chinese instrument. My favorite melody is “High Mountain and Long River”. I am willing to expand my interest in traditional Chinese culture to the culture all around the world.

I took this picture in the Forbidden City.



This is my educational experience. I have been studying at the University of International Business and Economics from 2017 to Present, majoring in Business and Management. From 2014 to 2017, I was in the Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University. There are many interesting experiences in my current university. Among them, one research impressed me most. As the Group Leader of a Sociology Experiment, I designed and directed the research goals, methodology, and experiment as part of a 10 person class group in 2018. Observing and interviewing multiple individuals in a single day over the course of 1 month period, we finished a paper from our interview recording.

My current university, the University of International Business and Economics.




When I am in China, I always want to go somewhere that is big, open and free. I chose OSU because OSU is the perfect university for me to study. As a comprehensive university, OSU can give me enough opportunities to try everything I want. I plan to study not only economics knowledge but also a method of critical thinking in OSU. In my opinion, critical thinking is not just important for a subject but my whole life. However, most Chinese universities don’t pay much attention to it. As a transfer student, I also want to compare the differences between an American university and Chinese university in the atmosphere, teaching method, lifestyle.

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