The Need to “Militarize” our Police

Here is a very interesting piece on the important role of training in the military’s ability to comply with rules of engagement and the legal obligations of using force, as well as the implications of this role for police training in this country.



Trump not alone in “remembering” his opposition to the Iraq War

Here are some interesting survey data suggesting that Donald Trump is not alone in erroneously remembering that he was opposed to the Iraq War from its beginning.  Interestingly, however, it is primarily Democrats rather than Republicans who seem to be more likely to mis-remember their pre-War attitudes toward Iraq.  More than half of Democrats supported the war before it began, but less than 20% will admit to that fact now.  Perhaps their wishful thinking explains some of the difficulty that Hillary had in uniting Democrats behind her candidacy. And by the way … I actually was on record against the war before it began!