Hello world!

My journey started in the summer of 2007, many have journeyed before and many will continue on this path of learning.

Achieving a higher education was a dream which I believed was unattainable. Fortunately my education was not merely in the classroom. I was fortunate to work daily in a learning environment where I was exposed to new things. I was challenged to learn new technologies, which allowed me to develop new skills. I was also challenged as I was exposed to conversations by work colleagues. I found myself in awe, they spoke a new language. I had heard their words before; I did not understand the context. These conversations allowed me to think in new ways, which allowed me to explore myself and get out of comfort zone.

I owe many thanks to the graduate students of  OSU’s Sociology Department; these fascinating individuals taught me many things in and out of class. During casual conversations and time spent together, they opened up new ways of thinking for me.

This is my first post on this new site and when I write again. I have many others to thank; staff, faculty, peers, colleagues and others I have met on this journey.