Global Awareness: It is my firm belief that a life lived in one place is a life wasted. What is the point, the meaning, in staying in the same place, in not exploring, or learning, or growing? This world is meant to be traveled. As humans we are meant to share ideas and spread awareness, becoming enriched by variety of perspective and uniqueness of thought. By the end of my time here at Ohio State I hope to have completed a journey—both literally and figuratively— marked by personal growth. I want to study abroad, to be immersed in other cultures. I want to minor in Spanish, to understand a language and culture so wholly and so completely so as to be able to live successfully where it is spoken. I want also to move beyond basic applications of diversity and come to fully appreciate the inherent value in the millions of cultures outside the small confines of Ohio. Beyond simply traveling to various countries, I want to make an impact. I want to be of service to places that are still unable to fully express their cultures and ideas, places crushed by the suffocating realities of poverty and corruption. We only have so much time on this Earth. To leave it before ever really seeing it, before ever really understanding it or ever really appreciating it, before ever really striving to change it—that seems to be an awful waste of such a short amount of time.

Original Inquiry: It is arguably the essence of human nature to discover, to reach for what’s next, to challenge the limits of possibility and to dare to do what has yet to be done. Already at Ohio State I’ve been given the opportunity to explore research on a deeper level than I was ever able to in the past. My psychology class has allowed me to both serve as a participant in the experiments of others and to also conduct research of my own. In the future, I hope to also further develop in the pursuit of original inquiry through other innovative outlets, like that of writing. I hope to achieve a better grasp of creative expression and effective communication, so that no matter what path I take, whether it be that of traditional research or other forms of discovery, I am able to proudly, clearly, and passionately demonstrate my own ideas.

Academic Enrichment: It is my sincere hope that in taking courses that push me academically, that challenge me beyond the extents of my comfort zone, that encourage me to take risks in spite of potential failure I may develop a desire for learning that follows me for the rest of my life, not just for the remainder of my time as a student. Obviously, it is important to me to strive to do well academically, but learning is much, much more than a high GPA or extensive coursework. I want to become passionate about what I am studying so that learning never feels like a chore. I want to absorb as much knowledge as I can for as long as I can. I am of the believe that education can change the world, that the most powerful tool we are given is that of knowledge. The goal of academic enrichment, therefore, is a never-ending quest to obtain as much information as possible and then becoming capable of applying such information to ultimately change the world for the better.

Leadership Development: If we are to play an effective and relevant role in society following graduation, we must be equipped and willing to lead. We must be advocates for that in which we so passionately believe, we must be role models for those who so faithfully look to us, we must be leaders in a world that day after day appears more and more lost. And the thing about leadership is that it doesn’t always have to be loud–an example of kindness, of determination, of hope can have more of an impact than even the strongest of voices. Thus far in my time here at Ohio State, I have taken up a leadership role by becoming a Student Ambassador for Catholic Relief Services. In the coming years I hope to expand this role by developing in a more active capacity in this organization. I want to find what I am passionate about and take charge in making a difference with in that particular area of interest.

Service Engagement: Our greatest responsibility lies in being of service to our fellow neighbor. We live in a world with no great shortage of people in need, and we are well past the point where we can stand aside and do nothing. Now is a time for action, for people who understand their fortune and who possess a willingness to help those who cannot always help themselves. Before I graduate, I want to volunteer abroad and participate in an organization like Buck-I-Serv. There are too many people in this world who struggle needlessly; equipped with this knowledge, we now have no choice but to act, to help these people in charity, in empathy, in justice, in equality. We must strive to both enact short term change while also searching for long-term solutions to the issues plaguing our society, both home and abroad.


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