What is the Global Citizens Learning Community?

This is a program for 30 new, first-year students transitioning from high school to college who are interested in meeting and learning about people from other countries and cultures and seek to actively engage with a world community. Students will take courses and engage in activities together that incorporate knowledge of other parts of the world as well as a recognition of global interconnectedness.

Benefits include:
• Academic and social support
• Peer Mentors
• Facilitated study tables & support in cohort courses
• Planned social and cultural events throughout the year to build sense
of belonging on campus & connection within the global community
• Experiential learning trips
• Engage in cross-cultural conversations
• Pre-enrolled in cohort courses students take together
• $500 stipend used towards service-learning experience, study abroad,
professional development, or research project.

30 students will be accepted.

Who is eligible?

Students must be first time college students. This means that you have never been enrolled in college before—college classes while you were in high school are fine.