Year in Review

In my past year as a sophomore at Ohio State, much has changed since I started school in August. Starting sophomore year, I was enrolled in 17 credit hours, many being science courses. I found this quite challenging since I was not used to such rigorous course work. However, I am a disciplined individual so I knew how much I needed to work and the effort I needed to put into school to become successful. It was also football season, so the social aspect of campus was at its peak. Although, I knew that my courses were very difficult Autumn semester, so I knew I needed to make some social sacrifices in order to receive the good grades I had strived for. At the end of the autumn semester, I had finished with all A’s and B’s and I was quite pleased with my grades. Christmas break was a nice month break where I worked at home and saved up money for the upcoming spring semester. When spring semester started, I got right back into the swing of things within the first two weeks of school. The second and third weeks of school was PHA recruitment, and since I am in a sorority, I had to participate in recruiting the newest pledge class for our chapter. This was very time consuming because around 1500 girls participated in recruitment, so there were long days full of meeting many girls. After the craziness of January, I had begun volunteering at Wexner Medical Center. I was assigned a two hour shift every Friday from 1-3pm, and this fit perfectly with my schedule. It allowed me to be able to become involved in volunteering without adding too much stress to my life. Throughout the spring semester, I had balanced 18 credit hours as well as a 2 hour volunteer shift, and I feel that I have become better at my time-management skills. I now understand how to prioritize my tasks, and that I need to put school before any social event. Looking back, I see the person I started as in August, and I look to the person I am now, and I am so grateful for this past year because I have learned many life lessons that will provide the necessary steps I need to be successful in life.