Global Awareness: An experience that has made me appreciate the diversity in the world and each individual’s unique differences would be my involvement as a volunteer at the Wexner Medical Center. At the Wexner, I come into contact with people of all ages, gender, religions, nationalities, and economic statuses. At first, I was in awe at the type of people who came to the Wexner, and to be completely honest, I kind of judged them by their overall appearance. I thought to myself, “how do people like that afford this type of health care?” After quickly realizing how horrible that thought was, I told myself that I need to understand that even though people may come from different backgrounds, I should be honored to be able to volunteer for them and help them throughout their stay at the Wexner. It doesn’t matter if someone is a millionaire or is just making minimum wage- what matters is that they came to the Wexner and they got the healthcare to make them better. I was able to come into contact with people of all nationalities and understand that even though there may be language barriers present, but there is always some way to communicate with an individual even if it is through hand gestures or writing on paper. As a volunteer, despite an individual’s appearance, gender, or nationality, I strive to make each visitor’s experience the best possible.

Original Inquiry: One of my classes this semester involved working with a group of students working on a creative project. This class was my theatre class, and the project was to perform a 5-minute play for the class. In my group, there was a diverse group of students with different genders and nationalities. We all had a specific role to help produce the play behind the scenes, but we all also partook in the actual acting of the play. While working with these students, it was important to be respectful to everyone’s ideas and points of view. I had to accept that everyone came from a different background, and therefore, everyone had a different level of imagination as well as their expectations. Throughout our group work, I engaged in an experience that challenged my original inquiry and helped me build a scholarly relationship full of respect with the students in my group.

Academic Enrichment: I chose to be a Health Sciences major because I feel that it is my calling to work in the healthcare field and provide healthcare to children. I am overjoyed whenever I can help an individual, and I love helping others in any way that I can. Through the healthcare field, I know that I can receive this joy on a regularly because I will be helping patients every day. I have chosen the GE courses that I have because I want to expand my academic enrichment beyond science courses. I want to become an overall well-rounded individual because it will benefit me in life.

Leadership Development: In my sorority, I am the Vice President of Chapter Operations. I manage everything that goes on throughout the house such as girls living-in, and I work with our House Mother and our chef. This position has brought great responsibility to my life, and I am now a better leader. I have realized that since I am on the executive board, I am held to a higher standard and I need to be aware of my actions because those can affect the respect people have for me. This relates to my personal goals because I am determined to go to med-school, and in that sense, I need to be a leader. I know I need to set an example for other people, and by being a leader, it will help me mature and receive the respect that I deserve.

Service Engagement: I am a student who is committed to volunteering and loves giving back to the community. This is one of the main reasons why I became a volunteer at the Wexner Medical Center. I volunteer 2 hours out of my week every week, and I love doing this because volunteering is such a rewarding process. It is so rewarding to see the impact that I have on others, and to know that I am giving back to the community in any way possible makes me feel like I am serving my community. Additionally, I have applied to be a volunteer for an organization called “A Kid Again.” This is an organization that provides fun activities for kids going through life-threatening illnesses. I have not yet volunteered there, but I plan to this summer, and I look forward to bring joy and a positive impact to these children.