Year in Review

In my past year as a sophomore at Ohio State, much has changed since I started school in August. Starting sophomore year, I was enrolled in 17 credit hours, many being science courses. I found this quite challenging since I was not used to such rigorous course work. However, I am a disciplined individual so I knew how much I needed to work and the effort I needed to put into school to become successful. It was also football season, so the social aspect of campus was at its peak. Although, I knew that my courses were very difficult Autumn semester, so I knew I needed to make some social sacrifices in order to receive the good grades I had strived for. At the end of the autumn semester, I had finished with all A’s and B’s and I was quite pleased with my grades. Christmas break was a nice month break where I worked at home and saved up money for the upcoming spring semester. When spring semester started, I got right back into the swing of things within the first two weeks of school. The second and third weeks of school was PHA recruitment, and since I am in a sorority, I had to participate in recruiting the newest pledge class for our chapter. This was very time consuming because around 1500 girls participated in recruitment, so there were long days full of meeting many girls. After the craziness of January, I had begun volunteering at Wexner Medical Center. I was assigned a two hour shift every Friday from 1-3pm, and this fit perfectly with my schedule. It allowed me to be able to become involved in volunteering without adding too much stress to my life. Throughout the spring semester, I had balanced 18 credit hours as well as a 2 hour volunteer shift, and I feel that I have become better at my time-management skills. I now understand how to prioritize my tasks, and that I need to put school before any social event. Looking back, I see the person I started as in August, and I look to the person I am now, and I am so grateful for this past year because I have learned many life lessons that will provide the necessary steps I need to be successful in life.


Global Awareness: An experience that has made me appreciate the diversity in the world and each individual’s unique differences would be my involvement as a volunteer at the Wexner Medical Center. At the Wexner, I come into contact with people of all ages, gender, religions, nationalities, and economic statuses. At first, I was in awe at the type of people who came to the Wexner, and to be completely honest, I kind of judged them by their overall appearance. I thought to myself, “how do people like that afford this type of health care?” After quickly realizing how horrible that thought was, I told myself that I need to understand that even though people may come from different backgrounds, I should be honored to be able to volunteer for them and help them throughout their stay at the Wexner. It doesn’t matter if someone is a millionaire or is just making minimum wage- what matters is that they came to the Wexner and they got the healthcare to make them better. I was able to come into contact with people of all nationalities and understand that even though there may be language barriers present, but there is always some way to communicate with an individual even if it is through hand gestures or writing on paper. As a volunteer, despite an individual’s appearance, gender, or nationality, I strive to make each visitor’s experience the best possible.

Original Inquiry: One of my classes this semester involved working with a group of students working on a creative project. This class was my theatre class, and the project was to perform a 5-minute play for the class. In my group, there was a diverse group of students with different genders and nationalities. We all had a specific role to help produce the play behind the scenes, but we all also partook in the actual acting of the play. While working with these students, it was important to be respectful to everyone’s ideas and points of view. I had to accept that everyone came from a different background, and therefore, everyone had a different level of imagination as well as their expectations. Throughout our group work, I engaged in an experience that challenged my original inquiry and helped me build a scholarly relationship full of respect with the students in my group.

Academic Enrichment: I chose to be a Health Sciences major because I feel that it is my calling to work in the healthcare field and provide healthcare to children. I am overjoyed whenever I can help an individual, and I love helping others in any way that I can. Through the healthcare field, I know that I can receive this joy on a regularly because I will be helping patients every day. I have chosen the GE courses that I have because I want to expand my academic enrichment beyond science courses. I want to become an overall well-rounded individual because it will benefit me in life.

Leadership Development: In my sorority, I am the Vice President of Chapter Operations. I manage everything that goes on throughout the house such as girls living-in, and I work with our House Mother and our chef. This position has brought great responsibility to my life, and I am now a better leader. I have realized that since I am on the executive board, I am held to a higher standard and I need to be aware of my actions because those can affect the respect people have for me. This relates to my personal goals because I am determined to go to med-school, and in that sense, I need to be a leader. I know I need to set an example for other people, and by being a leader, it will help me mature and receive the respect that I deserve.

Service Engagement: I am a student who is committed to volunteering and loves giving back to the community. This is one of the main reasons why I became a volunteer at the Wexner Medical Center. I volunteer 2 hours out of my week every week, and I love doing this because volunteering is such a rewarding process. It is so rewarding to see the impact that I have on others, and to know that I am giving back to the community in any way possible makes me feel like I am serving my community. Additionally, I have applied to be a volunteer for an organization called “A Kid Again.” This is an organization that provides fun activities for kids going through life-threatening illnesses. I have not yet volunteered there, but I plan to this summer, and I look forward to bring joy and a positive impact to these children.



To obtain a medical position involving the assistance of patients.


2014-Present   The Ohio State University

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

GPA: 3.39


2014-Present Columbia Hills Country Club

  • Generally outgoing with members of all ages and provided friendly service during meals
  • Professional attitude with all customers and cooperation with coworkers
  • Received additional hours during the summer due to excellent reviews

2013-2014         American Eagle Outfitters

  • Sales associate
  • Assisted customers with selections for buying clothes

2013                  Strongsville Chamber of Commerce

  • Secretary to the Executive Director of the city of Strongsville
  • Provided citizens with information about upcoming events
  • Helped organize events while handling multiple responsibilities

2012-2014         Marc Glassman Incorporated

  • Helped customers purchase groceries
  • Restocked insufficient shelves
  • Organized misplaced and returned items


2016-Present     Wexner Medical Center Volunteer

  • Ambassador for patients and visitors
  • Assist and escort patients around the hospital

2015-Present     Alpha Phi Vice President of Chapter Operations

  • Manage the chapter’s operations throughout the house
  • Serve on House Corporation Board to implement changes
  • Oversee the financial and administrative chairs
  • Serve on a Judiciary Board to administer consequential outcomes

2014-Present     International Affair’s Scholars Program

  • Information about current worldwide happenings
  • Build a community relationship by living with other members
  • Mentor to younger members transitioning to college life

2014                “Whoaman”

  • Presented seminars to educate students about sexual violence
  • This program was recognized by the Ohio State Senate in an effort to pass an anti-bullying law


One of the most influential positions that I have had that applies to my future career Goals would be my experience as a Wexner Center volunteer. Every shift I volunteer, I can tell that I am making a positive impact on the patients and visitors at this hospital. I can see the joy in each individual’s face when I say, “hey, let me help you.” It is so rewarding to know that I have relieved some stress from an individual by showing them to their proper destination. I cannot express how many times I have received such genuine gratitude from each individual I help, and to me, that is the most important part about my volunteer position. Even though my position may not be the biggest one, I am still making an impact on people’s lives, and I truly benefit from that.


graduation hat A graduation hat is an extremely important artifact for my career here at OSU. When I was a freshman, at Commencement during my Welcome Week Ceremonies, each freshman was given a tassel and this was to serve as a reminder to work towards your goal of graduating with a degree. That tassel now sits next to my bed and every night before I go to sleep, I see the tassel and I am reminded of my goal. Even though I may have some tough days, the tassel serves as a constant reminder to never give up and to keep reaching for my goals, no matter how big they may seem.


aphi Another important artifact is my sorority, Alpha Phi. This has played a major role in my life ever since I joined my spring semester of freshman year. After joining, I was instantly surrounded by a group of amazing women who supported me and shaped me to be the person I am today. Recently, I have just taken on and executive position as Vice President of Chapter Operations, and without Alpha Phi, I would never have this opportunity. This new position will give me a great deal of responsibility and will help me learn many new life lessons. I cannot imagine my life without my Alpha Phi sisters.


Picture1 Thirdly, International Affairs Scholars has been a major artifact in my journey at OSU. Ever since I joined this program freshman year, I have been surrounded by a community of scholars who share common interests. This is so important to me because International Affairs Scholars has helped me to find my place at OSU. I am so lucky to be a second year in this program now because I have been assigned mentees. This is a huge responsibility because I am the person that the new freshman look up to. I take this responsibility seriously and I act as the best role model I can be. I am so fortunate for the program at OSU because there is truly nothing like it anywhere else.

stethoscope Additionally, I have added a stethoscope as one of my artifacts because this symbol plays a huge role in my future goals. When I graduate college, I plan on going into the medical field. I have always had a passion for helping others and an interest in medicine. I preferably want to be a going into the field of pediatrics, and I have known this for quite some time now. Whenever I think of going into the health care field, I get excited and anxious. I motivate myself by working hard in all my classes and giving every class 110% of my effort. I do this so I may reach my goal and be successful in life. I believe in myself, and I know I can do it.




Moreover, the Wexner Medical Center is a huge artifact for my career goals here at OSU. This is one of the top medical centers in the state, let alone in the country and I am very proud to be so close to such an amazing hospital. In the future, one of my major goals would be to attend The Ohio State University for medical school. This would be a huge accomplishment of mine becuase I feel that there is so much room for growth at this health center. It has so many divisions such as the Ross Heart Hospital, the James Cancer Center, the Brain and Spine Center, etc. This hospital has so much to offer, and I know it has the potential to shape me into being an amazing doctor one day. The Wexner is also important to me because I am a volunteer there. I have been fortunate enough to volunteer every Friday there for this past semester. I have experienced many different people, and I have been fortunate enough to make an impact on the visitors/patients at the Wexner.


As a sixth artifact, I have chosen a waitress image. I chose this image because I work as a waitress to make money to fund my education and living needs. I am a very independent person, and every dollar I make goes towards something important in my life. This past summer, I was fortunate to make enough money to pay for my fall semester of education. This was a huge accomplishment for me because it prevented me from taking out even more student loans and having to pay them back in the future. I am a very hard worker, and I always put my best foot forward in every task I am given. I strive to be the best I can be at every job I have, and I feel that this characteristic of my personality will help me attain my major goals in life.

About Me

Ever since  I was a little girl, I have strived to succeed in every thing I do. My parents had so graciously enrolled me in 12 years of catholic schooling before I came here, to The Ohio State University. In grade school, I was a perfectionist and I would be upset with myself if I did not get an A on a project that I had worked extremely hard on. This strive to get all A’s and succeed in school influenced my decision to attend a Catholic high school known as Walsh Jesuit. At Walsh, there was much more competition because many of my fellow classmates were just as intellectually talented and driven as I was. I was introduced to an whole new world of extra curriculars, clubs, sporting events, and overall, the high school atmosphere. I was new to this, and personally, I needed to adjust while keeping up my efforts to succeed and do well in school. Throughout high school, I kept my grades up and received a 4.0 GPA. I was mainly interested in science classes because the thought of economics and business classes bored me. Therefore, when it came time to applying to colleges, I knew I wanted to be a science major and I knew I wanted to work in the medical field. I shared a deep love for working with kids and helping others and so I decided that my dream job was to work in the health care field taking care of young kids and babies in the pediatrics unit. During my last month of high school, my decision was solidified because I had the opportunity to shadow a medical doctor and experience their everyday life. I absolutely fell in love and knew that I could see myself working in a hospital taking care of young kids one day. As I journeyed off the college at Ohio State, my future goals have been even more assured. I have taken my first year of sciences courses, and although they were difficult and required a lot of work, I could not see myself anywhere else. I decided that my major would be Health Sciences and that I would go onto a Physician’s Assistant Program for grad school to become a PA for pediatrics. My future goals excite me and I know that I have the ability to accomplish everything I put my mind to. Luckily, with my driven ability to succeed and attending as big of a school as Ohio State, I have the perfect resources to help me achieve my goal of becoming a Physician’s Assistant in the Pediatrics Unit one day.