11/8 WEBINAR 12EST What is the Public University’s Responsibility to its Host Communities?

What is the Public University’s Responsibility to its Host Communities?

When: Thursday, November 8 at 12:00 PM ET
RSVP: hello@collegetownassessment.com

Ohio State’s Dr. Stephen Gavazzi, and West Virginia University, President E. Gordon Gee have written a brand-new book on the 21st-century mission of America’s public and land-grant universities. Land Grant Universities for the Future, published by Johns Hopkins University Press, delves into the most pressing issues facing our nation’s public institutions of higher learning at this moment in history.

Of this book, one reviewer stated: “The reader is reminded of the power of public higher education when land-grant and public universities work to build meaningful partnerships with their communities.”

In this webinar, Dr. Gavazzi will talk about many of the findings in this book that concern the powerful and mutually beneficial relationships that can exist between campuses and communities, including:

  • What do we know about ways that universities influence the well-being of communities?
  • How does an emphasis on community engagement facilitate the development of more harmonious relationships with community partners across a wide spectrum of interest areas?
  • Can the inability to document community impact become one of the main reasons universities struggle to articulate a clear and consistent message about the public good they generate?

This webinar is sponsored by College Town Assessment (http://www.collegetownassessment.com), a provider of resources dedicated to the improvement of campus-community relationships. Additional information about the webinar, including registration specifics, is available through Chris Cooke at hello@collegetownassessment.com

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