NEW MEXICO’S LAND-GRANT INSTITUTIONS: New Mexico State University, Institute of American Indian Arts, Navajo Technical College, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

New Mexico’s 1862 Land-Grant Institution: New Mexico State University @nmsu

Founded in 1888 as Las Cruces College. In 1890, the college merged with the newly founded New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts. In 1960, the school was renamed New Mexico State University by the state legislature.

President: John Floros became president of New Mexico State University on July 1, 2018. His land-grant credentials are quite impressive. Prior positions include having been dean of the College of Agriculture and director of K-State Research and Extension at the land-grant institution Kansas State University, professor and department head at the land-grant institution Pennsylvania State University, and professor at the land-grant institution of Purdue University. Additionally, President Floros earned his PhD in food science and technology from the land-grant institution University of Georgia. @NMSUPrez



New Mexico’s 1994 Land-Grant Institutions: Institute of American Indian Arts, Navajo Technical College, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute


Institute of American Indian Arts

Founded in 1962 as a high school program with funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). The school began offering undergraduate and graduate courses in 1975. In 1986, the school was separated from the BIA as a congressionally chartered school, and in 2001 it was accredited as a free-standing institution.

President: Dr. Robert Martin became president of the Institute of American Indian Arts in 2007. His land-grant credentials include a position as professor and associate head for the American Indian Studies program at the land-grant institution University of Arizona. He also served as president of the land-grant institution Tohono O’odham Community College.




Navajo Technical College @NavajoTech

Navajo Technical University was chartered by the Navajo Nation in 1979 as the Navajo Skill Center. The school was renamed Crownpoint Institute of Technology in 1985. In 2006, the Navajo Nation Council changed its name to Navajo Technical College. The school’s name was changed again in 2013 to its current name, Navajo Technical University.

President: Elmer Guy became president of Navajo Technical University in 2006. President Guy is a product of land-grant institutions, having received both a bachelor’s degree in special education and a doctoral degree in rehabilitation from the land-grant institution University of Arizona.



Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

The Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1971 by the All Indian Pueblo Council, and became fully accredited in 1975. The school is funded and administered through the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

President: Sherry Allison became president of Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in 2009. A member of the Dine’ Nation, President Allison’s land-grant credentials include a Master of Arts in Education and a Bachelor of Social Work from the land-grant institution New Mexico State University.


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