NEBRASKA’S LAND-GRANT INSTITUTIONS: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Little Priest Tribal College, Nebraska Indian Community College

Nebraska’s 1862 Land-Grant Institution: University of Nebraska-Lincoln @UNLincoln

The University of Nebraska was created by an act of the Nebraska state legislature in 1869, two years after the State of Nebraska was admitted into the United States. The first graduate school west of the Mississippi was established by this university. Part of the University of Nebraska system, the main campus in Lincoln is joined by four-year campuses in Omaha and Kearny and a two-year technical agricultural college in Curtis.

Chancellor: Ronnie D. Green became chancellor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2016. Prior to this position, he served as the vice chancellor of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at UNL. Dr. Green has impressive land-grant credentials, having received a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the land-grant institution Virginia Tech, a master’s degree in animal science from the land-grant institution Colorado State University, and a doctorate in animal breeding and genetics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. @RonnieDGreen


Nebraska’s 1994 Land-Grant Institutions: Little Priest Tribal College, Nebraska Indian Community College


Little Priest Tribal College @LittlePriestTC

The Winnebago Tribal Council chartered the Little Priest Tribal College in 1996 after having withdrawn its association with the Nebraska Indian Community College (NICC). The college was named after Little Priest, the last true war chief of the HoChunk people.

President: The president of Little Priest Tribal College is Maunka Morgan.


Nebraska Indian Community College @NebraskaIndian

Founded in 1973 as the American Indian Satellite Community College with the mission of providing higher education services to the Omaha, Santee Sioux, and Winnebago reservations. In 1979, the school was renamed Nebraska Indian Community College.

President: Michael Oltrogge became the president of the Nebraska Indian Community College in 2004. Dr. Oltrogge began working for NICC in 1997 and served in several administrative positions before assuming the role of president. He also is an alumnus of NICC, having received an Associate of Arts in general liberal arts and an Associate of Science in general sciences.

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