MASSACHUSETT’S LAND-GRANTS: University of Massachusetts Amherst and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts’ 1862 Land-Grant Institution: University of Massachusetts Amherst @UMassAmherst

 The university was founded in 1863 as the Massachusetts Agricultural College (MIT also was designated a land-grant institution of the state of Massachusetts that same year), and in 1867 it admitted its first class of students. The school was renamed Massachusetts State College in 1931, and its name was again changed to the University of Massachusetts in 1947. In 2003, the Massachusetts State Legislature designated UMass Amherst as the flagship campus of the UMass system that also includes campuses in Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell, Springfield, and its medical school in Worcester.

Chancellor: Kumble R. Subbaswamy became the chancellor of UMass Amherst in 2012. In terms of his land-grant background, President Subbaswamy previously served as provost at the land-grant institution of the University of Kentucky. He also was a post-doctoral fellow in the land-grant system of the University of California. @ KSubbaswamy


 Massachusetts’ 1862 Land-Grant Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  @MIT

A charter for the incorporation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was signed by the governor of Massachusetts on April 10, 1861. In 1863, it was named (along with the Massachusetts Agricultural College) a land-grant institution of the state of Massachusetts. Proceeds from land sales went toward new buildings in the Back Bay while its first classes were held in the Mercantile Building in Boston in 1865. MIT informally was known as “Boston Tech” throughout much of its early existence, and its proximity to Harvard fostered several (failed) attempts to merge the two schools.

President: L. Rafael Reif has served as the president of MIT since 2012. Previously, he also served as provost of this school, and he also was a professor in the electrical engineering and computer science department.

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