CALIFORNIA LAND-GRANTS: University of California System and Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl (D-Q) University

California 1862 Land-Grant Institution: University of California System @UofCalifornia

The University of California was founded on March 23, 1868, and operated temporarily in Oakland before moving to Berkeley in 1873. In March 1951, the University of California began its reorganization, and in 1952 it became separated as a “university system” from the University of California, Berkeley. Today, the University of California has 10 campuses across the state.

President: Janet Napolitano assumed the responsibilities of President of the University of California in 2013. A former Secretary of Homeland Security and Governor of Arizona, she directly oversees the 10 campus chancellors and the director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Nine UC campuses offer undergraduate and graduate education; one (UCSF) is graduate/professional only.

Here are the ten University of California campuses:













California 1994 Land-Grant Institution: Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl (D-Q) University

 Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl (D-Q) University was founded in 1971 as one of the first six tribal colleges and universities in the United States. In 2003-2004, it lost funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Department of Education because of insufficient Native American enrollment. It lost its accreditation in 2005 and stopped offering classes. In 2012, the university’s Board of Trustees signed a memorandum of agreement with the Inter-Tribal Council of California for the purposes of strengthening the administrative capacity of the University as well as planning and development working towards reopening as an accredited education program.


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