About Me

Hey there, my name is Anna Gaughan! I am a first year undergraduate student pursuing a major in biochemistry on a pre-medicine track. Before attending the Ohio State University, I graduated summa cum laude with honors from Lebanon High School. I am currently in the STEM Exploration and Engagement scholars program where I hope to grow both personally and professionally with others who share my interest in the STEM field.

Starting my very first day on campus, I was an Ohio State Welcome Leader where I welcomed students to tOSU on move-in day and assisted with the move-in process. I am also involved in Buckeyethon, an organization that fundraises money with the goal of raising awareness for children living with cancer.  I plan on becoming a member of the Women In Surgery Empowerment club to gain knowledge from the testimonials of other female surgeons, and hope to make connections that can allow me to gain experience in the medical field.

I have been employed by Kings Island in the Food and Beverage Department for the last three years from the age of fifteen. In only a year, I was promoted to a supervisor position. Through this job, I have learned a multitude of skills including professionalism, communication, leadership, and how to perform effectively under pressure.

Upon graduation, I hope to further my education through medical school. I have known that I wanted to pursue a future in medicine for as long as I can remember. I have always had a strong curiosity about what makes the human body function. A career in the field of medicine can bridge my  fascination in health science with my passion for serving others. I aspire to make a positive impact in the lives of those around me. My determination to satisfy my unrelenting curiosity regarding the field of medicine drives me to strive for academic achievement and professional development.