Columbus To-Do List part 2

My favorite park in Columbus has come to be Goodale, I love going there on warm days to walk around the park, play on the swings and people watch by the pond. On the day this photo was taken, April 15th, I was at the park alone enjoying some much needed me time away from campus. There were many ducks in the pond, and many children nearby, who would squeal happily every time a duck would enter or exit the water. I chose to bike to Goodale, and I realized that the trip down there was a lovely ride, and I plan on venturing to Goodale by bike often next year. The best part of the afternoon was seeing a turtle on one of the rocks in the pond. I had never seen a turtle in the pond before, and it looked like it was enjoying the sun just as much as I was. IMG_6161


I frequently use the Olentangy Trail when I go bike riding, and I love how the trail lets me experience Columbus safely, by keeping me off of the roads, and away from cars. I usually take the trail north when I am biking alone, because I enjoy how the trial goes through several of the metroparks, as well as parts of Clintonville. I especially enjoy the wide variety of neighborhoods that the trail passes through, from the condos just north of campus to the forested area farther north, it is great to see how people interact with nature. This photo was taken on my way back from a bike ride, the sun setting behind the Lane Avenue bridge made for a lovely photo.


I also decided to visit the Scioto Mile shortly after winter break, because I love looking at Christmas lights, and had seen the illuminated mile before winter break. I wanted to see the Scioto Mile again without the lights, so I could fully appreciate the space . I enjoyed the mile, because it offered a variety of spaces, and combines natural beauty with the cityscape. One of my favorite things about the Scioto Mile is that the river is the focal point of the area, instead of just a part of it. The Scioto mile was my favorite spot, because it is right downtown, and the city is being blended with nature.

The final location that I visited was the Whetstone Park of Roses, this was another park that I chose to visit on my bike. I took the Olentangy Trail up to the park, and had the pleasure of seeing that spring was coming through the small buds, and new leaves on the trees at the park. I hope to visit the park in the summer, or early fall, so that I can experience all of the lovely roses the park has to offer. I will probably visit the park with my mother, because she loves rose bushes, and has cultivated her own small rose garden in our backyard.

For students who plan to complete this to-do list in the future I would recommend traveling by bike, because it allows you to see which green spaces you could visit regularly. Form this to-do list I learned that Columbus does an excellent job of incorporating green space into a growing city. I will be visiting the five locations from my to-do list often over the coming years.