Sustainable Design

I chose to watch the Ted talk about making better vaccines, because I plan on going into medicine, and the Ted Talk entitled, “Using Nature’s Genius in Architecture,” because my father is an Architect. The talk about vaccines discussed the creation of a new type of vaccine that is a solid, instead of a liquid, a new form that does not need a needle and syringe. With this new technology, a patch containing the vaccine can be placed on the skin, and deliver the vaccine to the patient pain free. The patch also does not have to be worn for long, just moments after the patch has been placed on the skin the antigen has entered the body, and the patch can be removed.  Currently vaccines are widely used in the liquid form, and once synthesized the vaccines require constant cooling which uses a lot of energy, and makes getting vaccines to remote areas, difficult, and sometimes even impossible. A solid vaccine would allow more individuals to have access to preventative medicine, and reduce the amount of energy needed to transport vaccines to where they are needed. Modeling structures after nature creates a loop in which the waste from one process is used to power another. One of our biggest problems is waste disposal, and if we looked for ways to repurpose waste, instead of places to put it we could drastically reduce global warming.  For example, using the compounds that are evaporated out of sea water, in order to make fresh water, as building materials, instead of pumping this waste back into the oceans, which increases the salinity of the water. Increased salinity creates an environment that some species cannot live in, and thus it can cause species to become endangered or extinct. Using a loop type structure instead, means that the compounds removed from the water can be used create new buildings, which means the compounds are not put back in the ocean. Sustainable design is necessary in all fields, so that the planet we call home can be sustained, and become healthier.


Helena Gastier
Campus: 1900 Cannon Drive, Columbus, OH 43210 -330-621-88791
Permanent: 942 Quinby Avenue, Wooster, OH 44691


The Ohio State University                                                                                                                Columbus, OH
Bachelor of Arts                                                                                                                                             May 2019
Major: Chemistry
Minor: French
Scholars: Environmental Science

Wooster High School                                                                                                                             Wooster, OH
Graduated with Honors, GPA: 3.96                                                                                                         May 2015


Flex Yoga                                                                                                                                                     Wooster, OH
Desk Clerk                                                                                                                                           June 2015- Present
• Handled class check-in and retail transactions
• Liable for keeping space clean, arranging retail products to encourage sales, and ensuring security of studio overnight
• Exposed to Mind Body Scheduler, inner workings of a small business

Lemonberry Frozen Yogurt                                                                                                                Wooster, OH
Customer Service Representative                                                                                        November 2014-Present
• Explained process to customers and responded efficiently to customer questions and concerns
• Handled daily store closing and security processes
• Trained new employees and established an understanding of company policies
• Collaborated with other employees to provide high quality customer service


Environment and Natural Resources Scholars                                                                     Columbus, OH
Buckeyethon Team Captain                                                                                         October 2015- February 2016
• Learned skills for recruiting participants, and fundraising for a group
• Established first team for this Scholars program

First Presbyterian Church Wooster Session                                                                              Wooster, OH
Youth Elder                                                                                                                                      July 2014- May 2015
• Represented the opinions of the younger members of the congregation


Environment and Natural Resources Scholar                                                                       Columbus, OH
Active Member                                                                                                                           August 2015- May 2017
• Completed a minimum of 10 hours of service with an environmental focus per semester


Computer: Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint
Foreign Language: Conversational French