Year in Review


This photo was taken during our camping trip, which was an experience full of firsts for me.  I had never been camping before, I had never slept outside before, and I had never grown to be better friends with people over such a short amount of time. The girls that are pictured with me helped me tremendously throughout this entire year, from difficult tests, to missing home these girls had my back. As this picture was taken I realized that the girls standing next to me were quickly becoming some of my best friends. Mallory Wiles and I in particular keep in touch touch constantly, and miss each other when we are apart for more than a day. This photo was taken during our first day of the Hocking Hills trip, and I was so excited to have a chance to get out of the city and reconnect with nature.


Being in scholars has connected me to one of my favorite places in Columbus, Goodale park. I have visited Goodale with my mother and my aunt, and I have found comfort there when I visit on my own. I find the elephants comforting when so many things feel like they are changing the elephants remain the same. I realize that this sounds childish, but I am a person who finds consistency comforting. I am glad that I have discovered that I really enjoy biking and biking to Goodale was one of my favorite ways to pass a Friday afternoon after a stressful week. I am glad that scholars has connected me to parks all across the Columbus area, and that scholars has given me a list of places to explore over the course of the next four years. Scholars has allowed me to explore a wide variety of recreation and I am thankful for the opportunities to stay active.


Picking apples was one of my first experiences volunteering with ENR scholars. I really felt that I was making a difference that day, because I was harvesting food that would help to feed hungry people in the central Ohio area. I really enjoyed volunteering through scholars because it connected me to a wide variety of causes and allowed me to find the service that I am most passionate about. I found that I enjoy service that positively impacts the environment, and service that helps to feed the hungry. ENR Scholars has taught me to value serving others, and over the summer I plan on serving because ENR has shown me that serving gives my life purpose. I will be doing service with a food pantry that is sponsored by my church, and I plan on also volunteering at the free clinic that is about a mile away from my house.


The final picture that I have included in this post is a photo of the ENR Scholars Buckeyethon Team, that I was happy to lead this year. I felt that giving back through fundraising with Buckeyethon was a way that I could give hope to families that are struggling with having a sick child. I cannot cure cancer or conduct research to find a cure but, I can give money to the people and organizations that are working to find a cure. Buckeyethon has taught me that giving money to worthy cause is another to do service. I have learned the value of donating to worthwhile causes by fundraising and encouraging others to raise money for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. I plan to be the ENR Scholars Buckeyethon Team Captain this year, because I would like to teach  a new class of Buckeyes the value of dancing For The Kids!


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