Columbus To Do List Part 2

It has been crazy how fast the semester has flown by. One minute I thought it would never end, and now, well now it is almost over.

I cannot say I am too sad about the semester being done. My stress has been through the roof the past couple of weeks trying to balance all of my classes and my own well being. Of course, classes always won. I think that is why I am still battling this cold I have had for the long month of November. It was only when I went home to relax that I got some of it out of my system. But here it is back again.

Despite the aches and the runny noses, the Columbus To Do list was still an important project that needed to be done. Of course, I put it off. In case no one has shared their secret, procrastination is a college student’s unhealthy best friend.

Rewind to a few months back, when I had first stated that I had wanted to pull from the various lists, I was filled with an overwhelming excitement. The feeling floated with me when I explored new places. Maintaining such a feeling became difficult however when I came home to a workload bigger than my five foot frame.

However, the work has been done over the remaining months up to the turn in date and I would not swap these experiences with any other.

Rocket Fizz

Walking into Rocket Fizz was just like walking into the Sweetie’s back home and while my best friend does not read my blog posts, even she would agree I make terrible decisions at Sweetie’s.

Lucky for her (and me) I am a broke college student.

Tapping against the hardwood floor, I was worried there would be a moment in which it would fall beneath my suite mates and me. It seemed to bend at the slightest touch. But, there was candy and sodas so if I were to fall, I reasoned, I would be compensated adequately.

It was quiet in the room despite the music that played in the background.  I had no idea what to think of the area itself. The lady behind the counter seemed tired and I took in the energy, slowing down as I admired the international candy at the front of the store. My roommates admired the building as well.

It was smaller, a lot smaller than that of other stores I had been in. But on High Street, most of the buildings had a minimalist feel to them. This contrasted greatly to some of the super stores that surround the campus. The ones that carried hygiene and candy and movies seemingly all in the same row. Rather, as the city transformed to the Short North, there was a specificity in each store that could be associated with integrity and pride.

There is something innocent about candy shops that made us all smile. I tried hard to pronounce the Japanese names, and was later distracted by the finger puppets that made a cow. I am a child.

It took us awhile to take the entire area in, despite its small stature. I listened as my suite mates laughed and I could not help but enjoy their company. It made the entire time feel more meaningful.

Overall, I would go back to the store. Not because I am an addict for candy, and if I were I prefer to buy it in bulk, but because it is a happy place to lose yourself in. It is a moment of relaxation and a time to remain in thought. Having good friends and a people to share it with only makes it better. I would go back to Rocket Fizz again.


I had never gone to COSI. As a science nerd it was a dream to walk the vast building. It certainly lived up to the hype.

I went with my family on Buckeye Family Night. My mom, dad, and little brother all came down to visit me.  I was thrilled. After touring the football field, I was excited to leave campus to enjoy a day of learning with my  family. I especially enjoy learning about science with my little brother, Brendan. I hope to push him to enjoy learning just as I had with my other little brother Matt. Sadly he could not come out to visit as he had try outs for basketball. But, the thought of him remained in my heart as I sent ugly selfies of myself to him.

The building itself was huge, far bigger than I imagined. Walking into the doors, my family and I were greeted to a giant pendulum. While I pointed excitedly, my brother determined it to be boring and continued on his way.

As an avid coffee lover and chemistry nerd, my biggest joy was seeing a cafe called Atomic Cafe. I turned to my mom and she smiled and asked for my picture in front of it. To her, it was another sign I was making the right choice in my educational career.

My family and I decided to go into the interactive chemistry show COSI had offered. Of course, my brother offered me as a volunteer. I will admit that while it was fun, it was also terrible.

Having all the attention on me made my face as red as a tomato and yet my brother cheered and laughed for me like no other.  I would rather be embarrassed than miss that wonderful sound.

After the show, more exploration was done. We saw the engineering room, the room on human bodies, and a beautiful replication of old towns in America.

I loved it all.

After a long day, my mother and I went to get coffee. As we stood in line, I saw Brietta, Maggie, Kayla, and Catherine. It was another nice surprise.

Before we left, my brother saw Brutus and I was excited to get his picture. His smile made my night.

I would go back to COSI and I certainly plan to. It was an amazing experience and having my family by my side made it all the more enjoyable.

Kittie’s CakesPistacia Vera, and The Book Loft

For the remainder of my list, I was able to spend the day in German Village with my roommates Kayla, Brietta, and Maggie. The bus ride was crowded and the overwhelming smell of cigarette filled my lungs. Feeling the cool air as I stepped off the bus was a relief.

I had gone to German Village before with my best friend. However, it was boring in the sense that a lot of the stores had closed early. When we first arrived, I worried something similar would occur. But, we were there at a perfect time.

The streets were open, the traffic was nonexistent, and the lines were minimal. It was a change of pace from that of campus.

I kinda liked it.

For a moment I could breathe and relax as I walked alongside my favorite people. We entered Kittie’s Cakes, which was near the bus stop, and were greeted by a warm but tired cashier. The bakery was almost nonexistent, but that did not stop our excitement.

I bought a smores cupcake. The top was marshmallow fluff turned brown with the gentle addition of flames. The bottom contained a still soft crust. I enjoyed the sweet treat as we walked to Pistacia Vera.  While not initially planned, Maggie’s want for hot cocoa led us there.

When we entered, I was swept off my feet. The French influence was beautifully implemented and the people inside were friendly. I immediately smiled when I realized this was where my best friend bought the desserts that she sent to me via some app she uses. I sent her a picture.

I bought a croissant and black coffee and Maggie got her hot cocoa. I was excited to sit down. For an hour we talked and enjoyed each other’s company. Brietta caved and got a chocolate macron. Considering that she ate it all, I knew she liked it.

As I sipped at my coffee, we watched dogs pass by. It was a slow day outside but even the dogs seemed to enjoy the atmosphere and walked by their owner’s side. As the sun set I felt myself melt in my surroundings.

After we finished our drinks and snacks, we walked to the Book Loft, which boasted 32 rooms dedicated to various genres. Again I melted.

The old book smell permeated the room and I walked in wanderlust. Each room led to more and after awhile, I was alone surrounded by classics. After picking up a book I was searching for, I checked out and searched for the others. The task proved to be difficult given how vast and sectioned the store was. When I found Kayla, we decided to wait at the front for the other two.

The sky outside was dark when we were done.

It was an amazing time and I would love to go back with them. Out of all of my experiences, this was my favorite. It was a moment in which I learned that Columbus was not all hustle. Rather, it was a place in which friendships strengthened, relaxing was encouraged, and curiosity grew.


At Kittie’s
Pistacia Vera with the fam
Off to the bookstore!
Bookstore cont.

Some might have explored more during this experience. But for me, it was nice exploring what I had given the time constraints. Sadly, I was too busy to explore Columbus more regularly. But my experiences were lighthearted and meaningful to me. I would rather have this quality over the quantity of traveling more.

Given my experiences now, I would offer to someone who wished to do this to go with people they love. It makes the entire thing more enjoyable and meaningful. I would also recommend going sooner rather than later. But time can be hard to work with without an imposing deadline. So, if you are like me, live on the edge and do it all last minute.