Looking Ahead

Out of Daniel Goleman’s 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence, I feel that the one that I have the most room to grow in is self-regulation. This, for me, ties back in with the Brene Brown video from the first page. I struggle to display and maintain vulnerability while also regulating my emotions in a professional way. I am good at being vulnerable, and I am good at self-regulation, but I have yet to master the skill of doing both at the same time. I am actively working toward self-regulation on a professional level by maintaining healthy boundaries with my coworkers and not engaging in the inevitable workplace drama, as well as trying, which each client interaction I have, to temper my desire to remain professional with the importance of authenticity and vulnerability. I have continued to practice mindfulness and meditation, which I began at the beginning of the semester, and I feel that it has helped me in my road toward mastering self-regulation.


I feel that introducing leadership concepts early in the MSW program is of vital importance. They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it absolutely makes sense to mold healthy and effective leaders from the beginning of their career instead of having to “undo” things taught to new clinicians after they have either experienced poor leadership or learned things incorrectly initially. By exposing new MSW students to not only a variety of concepts in leadership but also having strong leadership in the program, we are enveloped in positive influences and more likely to pick up positive leadership traits from all of our learning and interactions. I feel that this course did an excellent job in equipping the students to be the future social work leaders that the field desperately needs. One thing that I think may improve the class would be to conduct an interview with someone we know who is in a position of professional leadership whose style resonates with us. I think that having a one-on-one, personal interaction where we can discuss not only the concepts of effective leadership but the practical aspects as well would solidify some of the more abstract concepts in our mind. Overall, though, I feel like the course material gave an excellent overview and foundation for leadership and professional development and I know that I will go back to many of the concepts that we touched on again and again in my professional career.