Year In Review

What have you done so far to develop your Global Awareness? How do you plan to continue to work toward this goal?

I have been mainly taking courses to develop my Global Awareness. So far, I have taken an anthropology course, a introduction to british literature course, a french course, and most recently a comparative studies course describing the American identity in the world. Through these courses, not only have I learned about international cultures, like the french and british cultures, but I have also developed a better understanding of America’s culture viewed both domestically and internationally.

I plan to take more courses in the future to better understand different countries’s cultures. For example, I plan on taking a course about Japanese culture through the ages, and eventually classes on international art, to better understand their how the arts of other countries could potentially reflect on the thoughts of their respective countries.  


What experiences have you had so far that have helped you to understand the research or creative process? How do you plan to continue to work toward this goal?

Time spent at clubs and classes have helped me understand the creative process. For example, time spent at the Open Source Club has taught me how different groups have developed their projects. Working on projects in Game Creation Club let me experience the creative process firsthand, as I worked in a group developing a semester-long project. Similar experiences have been found in group projects for courses, like CSE 3901 where I worked with my group to create various projects.

In the future, I plan on taking a research position. I have already applied for a couple summer research positions, and should those opportunities not pan out, I will likely apply to research positions for the fall or spring.


How does your Honors Contract demonstrate a commitment to the goal of Academic Enrichment? How does your planned curriculum relate to your future aspirations?

My honors contract reflects a purposefully diverse and rigorous curriculum. I have chosen courses that are not just GPA boosters, but are rather courses that I think when summed will provide a well-rounded education, by experimenting with diverse classes and fields. Additionally, for my core classes, and those fields that I find interesting, I will be choosing intensive elective courses to challenge myself.

My curriculum will cover extensively the fields that I envision myself likely pursuing: namely the sectors of computer systems and potentially graphics and machine vision. By the end of my time at OSU, should my Honors Contract be seen through, I will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to pursue either field as I find most engaging.  


With which activities are you involved? How does your involvement contribute to your development as a leader? How does your involvement relate to your personal and/or career goals?

I am currently involved in the Game Creation Club. I have spent time helping out underclassmen students and leading groups in their projects. Through these experiences, I have gained a better ability to work with others and also developed a stronger idea of the ways groups work and don’t work. This involvement relates to my personal goals, because it is a side passion of mine to one day lead a small startup company, either with friends or peers. Time spent in this club could be useful in that pursuit.


List the service-oriented activities with which you have been involved. How do you plan to continue to engage with the community?

Unfortunately, I have not been too involved with service-oriented activities thus far. However, in the next couple years, I do want to get involved either in some sort of food drive community or in an organization to help tutor students in the community.