Three takeaways from this class.

1. The SMART Goal

The SMART goals method is the first thing I learned in this course that I think is very helpful for my study and life. SMART represents specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time. “Specific” means the goals should be specific instead of general. “Measurable” means that the goals should be measurable so we can know when we make progress. “Achievable” means goals should be attainable and realistic. This goal-setting strategy has made my learning tasks more efficient.

2. Mind Map Note-taking Model

The mind map is an effective graphic thinking tool to express emanative thinking. It is simple, yet extremely effective, and a revolutionary tool for thinking. It uses a combination of pictures and texts to represent the relationships between subjects at all levels in a hierarchy of mutual subordination and correlation. Using a mind map helps me a lot in sorting out my knowledge.

3. Learning Style

Learning style is a way for individuals to achieve optimum learning performance. Generally, they are overall patterns that provide direction to learning and teaching. I find research saying that it is not true that students learn best when they are taught through their preferred learning style. This conclusion is based on an experiment so it seems reliable. I used to think choosing a preferred learning style does improve performance for a student. After reading this article, I become more cautious when I choose my learning style.