Year in Review

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My first year in Mount Scholars Society was both transformational and inspirational. Through the opportunities presented to us, I grew as a leader, as a buckeye, and as a person. I volunteered at a plethora of events, programs, and sites for multiple hours as a time. While I thoroughly enjoyed this, by the end of the year, I was wanting something more. When I found out about the year of service project, I knew it was fulfil this desire to create a lasting impact on my life and for me to genuinely make a difference in my society. By the end of the year, I hope to broaden my horizon in the areas of global awareness, original inquiry, academic enrichment, and leadership development. By meeting children of different backgrounds and ethnicities, I will gain a new appreciation of diversity and individual differences. I will develop my original inquiry by creating unique ways to deal with situations that I have not been faced with up to this point in my life such as fights between children and how to resolve them. I will advance academically by learning not just how to deal with children, but how to actually tutor and teach them subjects in school. As a leader, I will develop by learning new and creative ways to lead by example and gain the attention of children. Finally, I will gain a true understanding of service by committing a large period of time to the same service site. I hope to continue this pace of self-improvement that Mount has helped guide me through.



Service Site: Milo-Grogan Boys and Girls Club

Has helped to develop professional problem solving skills. In addition, this long term service project has solidified the importance of commitment to one site in order to make a long-term impact. I have also sharpened skills in teaching, leadership, and adaptability.


While it might not make sense at first, I believe that this photo encapsulates my hopes and expectations for my sophomore year. This picture was taken at one of the programs that I put on at the beginning of the year. It was called “Knocking Down Social Norms” and aimed to be a fun and creative way to raise awareness of social issues. Every resident that passed by had the opportunity to write a social justice issue on one of the pumpkins with a sharpie. Then, they were given a cantaloupe and were allowed to throw it at the pumpkin stack to knock it down. I believe that this relates to my second year because over the past year in college, I have developed a wall of bad habits that are preventing me from being the best student, person, and leader that I can be. Until now, I have just been trying to climb over this wall, but this photo inspires me to knock it down and cleanse myself of that issues that cause me to struggle. I am very optimistic about the year and hope to make a lot of changes.

About Me

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