Art on Vacation


Light of Gold by Walfrido Garcia

Have you ever been on a trip or vacation and noticed a special kind of art that related to the environment?  I was just at Lake Erie for the weekend and visited a small gallery.  There were many paintings and glass sculptures of waves and water.  The artist that caught my eye was Walfrido Garcia from San Diego, California.  There were large paintings of beautiful waves with sunsets and dark waves with stars and the moon shining on the waves.  What is interesting is this was not the first time that I had seen Walfrido’s waves.  At a larger gallery on the Florida Keys, Walfrido’s paintings hung sprinkled among various paintings of tropical scenes.  Keep an eye out for special art that inspires you about the environment that you are visiting.

Artist and Inventor


da Vinci Flying Machine

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci was an artist and inventor.  He is well known for painting the Mona Lisa c. 1503-1506, but also for his many amazing inventions of flying machines and much more.

Which would you rather be, artist or inventor?  If you would rather be an artist, what would you paint?




A Great Impressionist

monet 3 2

Impression: Sunrise

Claude Monet was a great artist painting in the Impressionist style. He liked giving the impression of the scene, because he knew that nothing would ever look the same as the light changed throughout the day. What do you think? Do you like Impressionism?  If so what do you like about it?

Columbus Museum of Art

Go to the Columbus Museum of Art and check out their “Art of the Week” painting:



Emile Nolde (German, 1867 – 1956) 1943. Oil on canvas,

What do you think?  What kind of thoughts do you have about this image?  Check out what others are saying about this colorful image.
I love images of nature, especially with such expressive painting styles.  Sunflowers are my favorite kind of flowers too!

Favorite Art


Everyone has a favorite color, favorite movie or favorite song. What about a favorite piece of art?  Do you like abstract art, landscapes or sculpture?  Share your favorite work of art and tell why it is your favorite.


My favorite painting is Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night.

I love the cool colors and the brush strokes.

When I look at the sleepy town below the moon and stars, it makes me think about a warm summer night with a gentle breeze blowing through the window.

First Day of Class

Today I had my first class on website design.  So far things seem fairly easy.  Getting the hang of using an apple computer is a small challenge along with keeping up with all the details.  I am excited to learn more as the class continues.