About Me

Hi! My name is Nicole Fye, and I am a second-year microbiology major and forensic science minor in the honors program here at OSU. I am from Ashburn, Virginia (just outside D.C.), and I am so excited to be a buckeye! I was drawn to microbiology and forensic science because I have always had a fascination with cells and microorganisms while taking science classes in high school, but I also am interested in law enforcement and want to help fight crime and bring justice to its victims. Therefore, I aspire to someday work in the forensic science field as a pathologist, DNA analyst, or something similar.

For most of my life I have swum competitively, and I now represent Ohio State on the varsity swim team. In addition to swimming, I enjoy giving back to the community through service activities. At the beginning of this school year, I went to the Ronald McDonald house in Columbus with my teammates and helped cook a meal for the families staying there. I am also currently a Peer Mentor for the Honors Arts and Sciences college, where I get to aid in teaching survey classes and help acquaint freshmen with the OSU campus. During my time at Ohio State, I hope to become more involved in activities such as this.

I can’t wait to seize all of the diverse opportunities here at Ohio State! I know that upon graduation, I will be more than ready to take on the world and help others. Through this ePortfolio, I hope to record my experiences in order to see my growth over the next three years and to gain connections in my career field in order to obtain a job or research position.