In order to achieve global awareness, I aim to meet and make friends with people from other places, join clubs that help with global issues, and perhaps even study abroad. In addition, I will be sure to take global studies and diversity courses in order to broaden my perspective on the world and the people around me.

For original inquiry, I plan to participate in a summer internship with a researcher, get involved in some sort of educational club, and, most importantly, ask questions in class while simultaneously studying beyond the scope of the class. It is important to remain forever curious, constantly inquiring and searching for information.

Having a plan for academic enrichment is incredibly important in pursuing a professional interest. For this category I plan to always study and complete all assignments, take challenging courses, and get involved with clubs and study programs.

The world needs leaders, and in order to be a leader to those around me, I will not only lead by example, but I will also listen to everyone’s perspectives in an attempt to be diplomatic and eventually run for a leadership position in a club.

Finally, to remain engaged in service, I plan to continue helping out at the Ronald McDonald house with the swim team, engage in volunteer opportunities, and help tutor others who need help.